Skype knew about the IP security breach, which was discovered a year and a half ago

By Machmeter. Original by Lionel - 04/05/2012 08:19:26 CEST - Category: Internet - Source: Wall Street Journal

The security breach allowing hackers to get the IP address of any connected user and even get the local address of the device, lead to many reactions on the Internet once it was clear that the breach was exploitable.While we thought it was very recent, it now appears to be rather old. It was first discovered in november 2010 when Skype was first informed, a year and a half ago. The information was then released in october 2011 without getting much attention because of the lack of tools to exploit the breach.Skype therefore had plenty of time to close the breach but it wasn't done. We hope that the current publicity across the Internet will push the company that has since then been purchased by Microsoft to consider that breach more seriously.
People who publicly unveil these security breaches and the needed tools to take advantage of them are often criticized, but it is probably better than other people that were maybe already secretly using that breach to locate people such as political dissidents that could be geolocated without knowing that their device had turned into a tracker.The wide publicity around this breach risks to increase the number of people 'playing' with that breach, but at least people who can't afford to see their IP publicly released or held by malicious now know about it, this might be the most important thing.

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