A New Dock for the Next iPhone?

By linathael. Original by Lionel - 03/05/2012 16:06:00 CEST - Category: iPhone

iLoungeannounces to have obtained reliable information on the future iPhone. For most of them, they are in line with previous rumors on the new iPhone: thinner model, larger 4" screen, but also the smaller dock. It could be even less than half the size of the current one.

If this rumor already surfaced in the past, having it mentioned again could also shake the current iOS peripheral ecosystem. Indeed, for now years, thousands of peripherals have been built around this common feature to all iPod, iPad and iPhone, and it could well be the end of the back compatibility through generations of iOS devices. It is clear that Apple would not take any decision on this matter without deep thinking, such as an easy adaptor or similar that would prevent millions of customers to see their personal audio system to become incompatible with the next generation iPhone.

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