Unofficial WWDC for Developers

By linathael. Original by Lionel - 30/04/2012 08:56:00 CEST - Category: Apple

Following the frustration of many developers who could not register on time for the WWDC 2012 (all tickets sold within two hours), a parallel WWDC for iOS and Mac OS X developers have been launched under the name: Indie Developer Lab. It will take place in San Francisco, at same period than the official Apple WWDC 2012.
Of course, it will most likely not be as perfectly set and organized as Apple can do it, but it could also bring a lot of interesting ideas, projects and “freedom”. We are curious to see how those unofficial lab/practical sessions will be organized and topics to be discussed and/or demonstrated. If it is a success, we could see more of such unofficial sessions/conferences organized by developers.

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