Security: Apple would be 10 years behind Microsoft

By Machmeter. Original by Lionel - 30/04/2012 06:00:00 CEST - Category: Mac OS X - Source: XBitsLabs

In an interview, Eugene Kaspersky who founded the security company of the same name, had harsh words towards Apple.
He explains that developing malicious software for the Mac is not harder than for PC and what's even worse, he considers that in the field of security Apple is 10 years behind Microsoft.
Apple would be missing what Microsoft created 10 years ago, dedicated teams with one focus, securing Mac OS X as much as possible that could be both proactive and very reactive in order to counter any emergency situation through updates. The goal here is to regularly go through the code to detect the possible security breaches and find ways to close the ones that have already been discovered.

Of course as always, some will say that such comments don't deserve a lot of credit as they come from somebody who built his carrier on computer (in)security, but he certainly has more legitimacy than marketing teams proclaiming the invulnerability of their system.
Fortunately it is probable that Apple, in order to keep that marketing strategy, will soon take action to insure a higher security for its OS. It starts with one big advantage, the fact that it uses a Unix-based kernel, which has proven secured for over 20 years. Other decisions have also already been made. Adobe is directly updating Flash and Oracle announced that it would do the same with Java, therefore allowing better reactivity.
Apple will be able to focus on its own part, the numerous components that were added to Unix in order to turn it into Mac OS X. It's already a huge task, but it is becoming increasingly necessary as hackers are always looking for new breaches that they could use for their own profit.

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