Ultrabook: AMD Could Create a Surprise

By linathael. Original by Lionel - 11/04/2012 00:00:00 CEST - Category: Laptop - Source: VR-Zone

Couple of month ago, AMD was being evaluated for its mobile solution for Apple MacBook models. The reason was the AMD APU, where the GPU and CPU are integrated on the same die. Knowing the high performance GPU from AMD, it would give a significant boost for graphical results when compared to Intel graphical chipset. Unfortunately, AMD did not manage to deliver the expected APU on time and Apple staid with Intel solution.

In the coming days, AMD is going to deliver its second generation APU, aka Trinity, and according to rumors their performance levels might compete with solutions from Intel. Again, it will mostly be driven by the graphical performance, but one should also not forget that the CPU level, even based on 2 cores, would be more than enough power for the MacBook Air for example, or any other ultraportable computer model. In addition, because of its problem to reach thinner engraving process than 32nm at the moment, vs. 22 nm for Intel, AMD has been working on solution to optimized its APU/CPU, and the announced TDP for Trinity is announced around 17 W, something that Intel will not be able to offer before June at the earliest, and will be required for any MacBook Air update. AMD should be able to deliver its APU before and depending on results of independent benchmarking, it could convince numerous computer companies to adopt its APU. But rumored high performance level will have to be translated into real results, unlike in the past unfortunately for AMD.


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