Lack of Mac Pro Upgrade: Pro Users in Fear

By linathael. Original by Lionel - 10/04/2012 06:00:00 CEST - Category: Apple

For some reasons we have hard time to understand, and while the Xeon E5 are currently available from Intel, Apple did not upgrade its Mac Pro models. Of course, for most customers, the current iMac, MacBook Pro or Mac mini will offer enough power for their usage. However, Pro users and customers are expecting new Mac Pro models as they are linked to Apple systems and applications, and would like to get more raw power to boost productivity (Final Cut Pro X, 3D video, video editing, CAD, etc.). 

Of course, such users could purchase the current Mac Pro models, but why would they invest 2,400 to 5,000 Euros into a one year old unit, while the next generation is maybe around the corner. In addition, CPU generation can really boost performance, and if we consider that such investment is made for three-year cycles, having the last generation model makes sense.

We think that Apple should give a sign, as it did it for Final Cut Pro X users, either by releasing/announcing the new Mac Pro, or communicating on its plans regarding this type of hardware in its catalog. Is the Mac Pro a long-term strategy for the company? Many customers have been investing hardware and software into Apple technologies, and they deserve to be informed and have some visibility in order to be able to react, and avoid last minute plan B option.

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