Information on Future Ivy Bridge Xeon

By linathael. Original by Lionel - 10/04/2012 06:00:00 CEST - Category: PC - Source: VR-Zone

While we are still waiting for the Sandy Bridge Xeon-powered Mac Pro to be released (16 cores, 32 threads), information becomes available on their CPU successor, aka Ivy Bridge Xeon. They should become available early next year and will benefit from the recent Intel technologies, such as 22 nm 3D engraving, and could offer up to 10 cores per CPU with 25 MB of L3 cache.
This thin engraving process will allow to maintain the TDP as low as possible, as the current fastest Sandy Bridge Xeon has a TDP of 150 W, rather unusual, as the highest was so far 130 W. As a consequence, Intel had to maintain clock frequencies low to be able to maintain a reasonable thermal envelop. The 22 nm engraving should allow the founder to add 10 cores per CPU while remaining in the 130 W TDP range. The controller should not evolve significantly, and might even be identical to the one found with the Sandy Bridge. So, if Apple finally releases a Sandy Bridge Xeon-based Mac Pro, we can even bet that a Ivy Bridge version will be available later on as it will not need much R&D to upgrade the product line in 2013.

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