Comparative benchmarks of the A5X and the Tegra 3

By Machmeter. Original by Lionel - 19/03/2012 17:48:22 CET - Category: Apple

When the iPad 3 was unveiled, Phil Schiller announced that the A5X has a graphics solution that is 4 times more powerful than the one of Nividia's Tegra 3.
LaptopMag compared the new iPad with the Asus Transformer Prime, which runs on a Tegra 3. To be completely accurate, we should say that the website tried to compare the two tabets. It is already hard to dissociate the CPU and the GPU of a tablet, and in this particular case, you have to consider that they are running on two different OS, they have different display resolutions, and the bench apps are not calibrated either.

In the end, in the few benches allowing to test only graphics, the iPad 3 is above the Tranformer Prime, up to 5 times faster as shown in this picture below.

Apple didn't lie although most graphics tests show that the iPad is more twice as fast rather than 4 times faster.
On the CPU however, the Tegra 3 is twice as fast, which is not surprising since it is a quad-core chip.

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