Towards Slimmer MacBook Pro Models in April

By linathael - 16/03/2012 19:00:00 CET - Category: Apple

As we mentioned it earlier, with a rumor spreading from several sources, and once more today relayed by Digitimes, the next generation MacBook Pro 13" and 15" might go through a diet program and lose their optical drive to adopt a slimmer enclosure. Months ago, it was rumored that Apple would introduce new MacBook Pro design with he release of the Ivy Bridge CPU, but it is only over the past 2 months that increasing rumors have been circulating on a potential MacBook Air-like style for the next generation MacBook Pro. In its news today, Digitimes quotes a source indicating that beside a slimmer enclosure, the new MacBook Pro will remain powered by hardware and components belonging to the notebook class, and not ultra-notebook. In other words, the new MacBook Pro models will come with Ivy Bridge CPUs and discrete GPU, while the next generation MacBook Air, will rely on the ultra-low voltage versions of the Ivy Bridge and its integrated graphics chipset.

There are now several options for storage units in such slimmer MacBook Pro. Either Apple install by default a PCI-Express SSD card format and save space for a standard plate-based HD, or Apple install by default SSD in all models (most likely units from Samsung as reported by executives from the korean companies in a recent interview). It would be nice if Apple would have left enough space to add two 2.5" storage units (one SSD and one HD for example), as users would have the opportunity to expand space depending on their needs.

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