SSD Thunderbolt by Elgato: First Test

By linathael. Original by Lionel - 12/03/2012 00:00:00 CET - Category: SSD

Tuaw was lucky enough to put its hands on the new SSD Thunderbolt from Elgato.

As a reminder, this is the first SSD available in a external enclosure with a native Thunderbolt port.
Below are the results of Disk Speed Test 


You can reach 222 MB/s in reading and 112.7 MB/S in writing mode. If this is less that what we could have expected, due the Thunderbolt interface (theoretical speed: 1 GB/s), or from current performance from high-end SSD today (around 2-3 times faster than those figures). IT could be useful to be able to test the enclosure with another SSD, as it could provide hints and indicate if there are limitations with the SATA-Thunderbolt converter or with the controller.
We will perform such test as soon as we will have the opportunity to get a sample, as one should not reduce the advantages of SSD to the pure transfer speed, or for sequential backup. 

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