Is Apple Working on Boosting Mac Sales?

By linathael. Original by Lionel - 02/03/2012 09:51:07 CET - Category: Apple

Apple is regularly sending ads to its customers for presenting some of its hardware. This is usually done to promote new products, freshly released. It seems that the company is using this strategy to boost sales. Below is a capture on a recent mailing we received from Apple:

It is promoting the MacBook Air, released months ago and close to EOL status. It seems that Mac sales are pretty low, and with the problem affecting availability of Intel Ivy-Bridge CPU, the release of forthcoming new Mac hardware keeps being postponed. Unfortunately for Apple, most customers are now waiting for the Ivy-Bridge-based models for purchasing new units. It is quite clear that they will not come before end of April, with real availability that could be spread till June. Beside the minor update of MacBook Pro models in October 2011, there was no New Mac models released since July 2011... with the MacBook Air and the Mac mini, so 10 months for a hardware lifetime... amazingly long, and it has never been experienced since the transition to Intel CPUs...

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