Apple to Launch Entry-level 8 GB iPad 2?

By linathael. Original by Lionel - 01/03/2012 10:15:18 CET - Category: iPad

According to Digitimes, and following with previous information we reported earlier, Apple might apply to the iPad models the same strategy than for the iPhone: entry-level model corresponding to the previous generation, and mainstream model corresponding to the new unit. We could have thought that the current 16 GB iPad 2 will be the entry-level model. But according to the last reports from Digitimes, Apple company could introduce an iPad 2 with 8 GB storage space (rather small) which could be priced aggressively.
In parallel, the iPad 3 should be unveiled with 16 or 32 GB Flash memory with their HD retina display. The iPad 2 could be priced around 370 Euro, but it remains to be demonstrated that it will be "cheap" enough to face the competition of the forthcoming Windows 8 Tablets. If we look at the discount price on the 16 or 32 GB iPad2, not really clear if a 8 GB iPad 2 at 370 Euro really makes sense.

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