HP: An Interesting All-In-One iMac-like Model

By linathael. Original by Lionel - 15/02/2012 12:07:46 CET - Category: PC

A report from Jonathan, one of our readers:

HP unveiled the HP Z1, an iMac-like computer model developed in collaboration with NVidia. It looks like a iMac 27", but its specifications make it a Pro-oriented hardware (or demanding amateur users). The computer can be opened and RAM modules, HD and even graphic cards (dedicated NVidia Quadro models developed for the HP Z1) can be changed. The Z1 can even be powered by a Xeon E3, however, it remains unclear if the CPU can be changed.
This is a very interesting concept and Apple should look at it. Indeed, a high-end iMac with upgradable features for demanding and Pro users will certainly be a success. Such users do not necessarily need super powerful and expensive Mac Pro. As Apple does not want to make a smaller tower model of its Mac Pro, an upgradable iMac would be the way to go.
HP link:

The system is rather well designed, and resembles a bit the first iMac G5. It would also attract many power users, not willing to invest massively into an expensive Mac Pro unit (too powerful for most users). Today, there is a performance gap between the most powerful iMac and the first Mac Pro, price wise too...

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