Ebizcuss vs. Apple: David vs. Goliath Fight of APRs in Europe

By linathael. Original by Lionel - 01/02/2012 10:18:52 CET - Category: Apple

We obtained information regarding the on-going dispute between Ebizcuss (iCLG), largest APR in France, and Apple. 
Ebizcuss filed a complain against Apple at the Business court, on the topic of non-delivery of of devices and hardware models, especially the most popular ones. The court rules out that it was not competent to judge this dispute and requested both parties meet to solve the on-going fight. Legal representatives from both sides met in London couple of days ago, but did not resolve the issue, as for Apple there is no problem with APR...

On the legal aspect, Ebizcuss decided to sue Apple for its business practices (more broad complain), at the Business Court of Paris, while bringing the case to the European customer Council with the support of other French and European APRs. As a reminder, this is the Council that fined Intel and Microsoft couples of months and years ago (part of the European Commission). The maximum fine is 10% of the company yearly revenues.

In summary, it seems that we have reached a point of no return between Apple and its main historical APR network in Europe, even though small APRs will never openly complain too loudly. The network of Apple Retail Stores starts to develop further in Europe, ruining investments made by some local APRs when entering in competition in the same geographical locations. In addition, Apple has put on hold the installation of additional ARPs in all European large and mid-size cities, most likely to avoid frontal fight with APRs as the company plans to move full steam to develop its retail network in Europe. Decision from the European Commission on Apple practices might be the last move of the largest APRs before they drop weapons if Apple wins. If the EC fines Apple, it will be a huge victory and Apple would be forced to change its strategy and the way it intends to deal wit hits historical network of resellers, the one that has supported sales of Apple products during the dark years.

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