Apple will put in place new tools for diagnostic of breakdowns of devices under iOS

By crispin. Original by Lionel - 31/08/2011 06:00:00 CEST - Category: iOS

Currently, when there is a device running iOS that has a problem, one takes it to a service centre for a primarily visual inspection with possibly the advice on how to fix the device. These service centres do not have the necessary tools to diagnose with precision a software or a hardware problem on the device.
Apple announced (internally) that they have put the final touch to the tools that will facilitate a diagnostic. It will be simple to use and can be used remotely.  In effect, this systems operates entirely online.  An email is sent to the device containing a URL (this can alsoo be entered by hand) and the device will connect via Mobile Safari and the telephone to start internal checks and sends the result of it to the Apple servers to which the service centres are connected.
That should largely facilitate the procedures of repair. The only 'personal' information that will be transmitted are the UUID of the mobile, its name and if one can call that of the personal informations, the daily calculation of the call time.

Information that the diadnostic system will give is the following:

  • Health, level of load of the battery, duration passed since the last complete charge, 
  • Minimum level to which the battery was discharged,  
  • iOS version installed,
  • To know if the mobile was turned off normally the preceding time.

These tools will be distributed in the next months everywhere.

PS: We are unaware of if a jailbreak will be detected by this system.

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