NVidia's CEO talks about the low sales numbers of Android tablets

By Machmeter. Original by Lionel - 16/05/2011 00:16:00 CEST - Category: iPad - Source: CNET

As we have already said several times on the website, NVidia has decided to compete seriously on the market of smartphones and tablets. In fact, its Tegra 2 chip is a well developed product, but despite its performances on paper, none of the tablets in which it is running has been selling well. The best results are the sales number of the Xoom. Motorola announced in April having sold 250,000 units. It is good, but still far behind Apple, which sold one million iPad 2 units just the first weekend.
According to Jen-Hsun Huang, CEO of Nvidia, it is everybody's fault, except NVidia's. Tablet manufacturers would be unable to price their product to allow them to compete, they would be unable to market them efficiently, and of course Android is also responsible for the low sales numbers, as tablet dedicated softwares would not be fully developed yet….

According to what he said, NVidia gave the manufacturers the best tool you could think of, but they don't know how to use it so it doesn't sell as well as it should. Of course, he concluded the interview by predicting a bright future for the Tegra 2.
At the other end of the market, Apple has other problems, as the company is still struggling to make the iPads fast enough to meet the demand.

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