SSD caching soon to arrive at Intel

By Machmeter. Original by Lionel - 28/02/2011 12:15:20 CET - Category: PC

According to VR-Zone, Intel will introduce in May a new Sandy-Bridge Chpiset, Z68.

This high end Chipset is mostly aimed at people using processors with unrestrained coefficients allowing higher and more precise overclock. 
Another featue should be added by intel for the first time, SSD caching.
This technology allows to use the SSD not as a regular storage unit, but as a huge cache for a regular Hard Drive. It is similar to the technology found in Seagate's Momentus or in the Marvel controller.
Here again, the goal is to get only the advantages of both, the high capacity of regular a hard drive and the speed of a SSD.

As always, the performance of that type of system will rely mostly on the capability of the controller to detect the habits of the user in order to store files that are often opened or modified on the SSD.

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