Microsoft still believes in acceleration of Windows thanks to the Flash memory

By crispin. Original by Lionel - 21/02/2011 06:00:00 CET - Category: Apple - Source: CDR Info

In 2007 at the release of Vista, Microsoft had added to its system of the code allowing acceleration the access to certain parts of the OS by using Flash memory, for example a fast USB key. This technology in the name of ReadyBoost quickly disappeared as a figment of imagination. The company still believes in it however.
In its laboratories, the company works with an alternative of this technology where Flash memory is inserted between the RAM and the hard drive (to make simple), being used then as buffer for the hard drive.
This approaches what Seagate offers in its Momentus XT. This technology has a new name, FlashStore. It wants to be more powerful thanks to faster Flash but also by completely reorganizing the writing on the discs, transforming the random writings into sequential writes.
It will be seen in a few years if it was able to become something impossible to circumvent in the computers. This would need that the market of the SSD remains confined as a niche a long time because of course, it it will not be a great interest if the disc behind is already composed of Flash memory.

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