The iPod Classic soon to reach 220 GB?

By Machmeter. Original by Lionel - 28/01/2011 03:10:00 CET - Category: Apple

In the iPod line, the iPod Classic is like a dinosaur.

ipod classic 220Go

It is not only the last iPod to still have a regular hard drive, but it is also the only one to have that not so user friendly interface, even compared to the iPod shuffle. Everything tends to show that Apple kept it in its line only not to lose the small market of very high capacity music players.
If Apple doesn't decide to drop it the next time the line is upgraded, its capacity could even go up to 220 GB.
Toshiba has indeed unveiled a new line of 1.8" hard drives MKxx39GSL.

The highest capacity of those drives reaches 220 GB, while keeping the same thickness (thinness) of 5 mm, the same as the hard drives currently found in the iPod Classic.
This iPod are still interesting today only to go into people's car since most of them feature an iPod connector.

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