A LightPeak MacBook Pro in April?

By Machmeter. Original by Lionel - 28/11/2010 19:47:13 CET - Category: Laptop

Edible Apple published a new rumor about the upcoming model of MacBook Pro. It would be unveiled in April 2011 and would show many changed both in the design and the features of the device.
This new line would be inspired by the design of the new MacBook Air and would loose the Superdrive, now less and less used, in order to become thinner. It would also gain an SSD up to 512 GB, but also the now famous LightPeak, of which we spoke a lot.
All of this is very exciting, even though we fear that Apple will try to impose the SSD they used in the MacBook Air, which looks like a RAM module.

This would complicate the upgrade and would make users feel even more that they have a "disposable" computer. Nevertheless, we can hope that Apple will integrate a DIMM form factor SSD (the card SSD) and will also keep a spot for a 2.5" disk, HD or SSD in order to be able to keep the meaning of the "Pro" suffix.

Still according to that same rumor, the launch would take place during a Special Event in April that would also feature the new Final Cut suite, which would confirm the information we published in September.

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