[Updated] Enabling Airprint in Mac OS X 10.6.5

By Machmeter. Original by Lionel - 11/11/2010 17:19:01 CET - Category: Apple - Source: 9to5mac

As previously announced, Apple didn't enable Airprint in Mac OS X 10.6.5, therefore blocking the possibility to share a printer with an iDevice running iOS 4.2.
It is however possible to re-enable that option by installing manually the files that were in the last beta:

  • Download the files here: 
  • You will have to install them in an invisible folder called 'usr'. you can make it appear by typing the following line in the Terminal:

    open -a Finder /usr/

  • Copy the content of the folder 'mime' into 'share/cups/mime/' and 'urftopdf' into 'libexec/cups/filter/'

    this is where files should go: 



  • Remove your printer from the printing preferences
  • Reboot
  • add your printer again and activate printer sharing.
  • If everything went well, you'll be able to print from an iOS 4.2 iDevice. Of course, there is certainly a reason why Apple didn't enable the option, and there could be some bug. If you choose to enable Airprint, we advise you to do a backup of your system in order to be able to go back in case of a problem.
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