[Rumour] The new Final Cut Studio could be delayed

By crw. Original by Lionel - 30/09/2010 10:36:56 CEST - Category: Apple

A few months ago we told you that Apple were hoping to release a new version of their Final Cut Studio suite in 2010. It now seems likely that this target has been missed according to one of our sources. The development of this software suite has suffered significant setbacks and it will be necessary to wait until 2011 to see its release; furthermore, the scope of the project has been reduced.

The idea of having a unified interface has been abandoned for the time being because of difficulties in reaching a satisfactory compromise among not only the various applications but above all between different development teams, those working on Shake  the old team who used to work on Shake and those working on Motion. Some fundamental differences of opinion about the ideal interface have hamstrung this part of the project which has now been deferred to the next version, in 2013.

The other thing which has delayed the release of this suite so much is a structural issue. With the enormous development needs in the groups dedicated to iOS and the multiple devices which are now running this new operating system, Apple has reassigned a significant number of its most qualified engineers to work on iOS, drying up the teams working on projects considered less urgent: roughly speaking, all those related to Mac OS X and its associated applications.

Finally, but we're taking this claim with a pinch of salt, we've been told that this situation has really upset Randy Ubilos who's in charge of the Final Cut division.

[Update: improved translation from the original french article to clarify reference to Shake team]

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