[Rumor] Apple Working on a New Video format

By linathael. Original by Lionel - 19/07/2010 14:26:40 CEST - Category: Apple

According to one of our sources, Apple might be preparing its weapons to become a major player in the video and TV business.
This strategy would have several consequences. First, a transition towards better codec, dropping the efficient but CPU-consuming encoding codec H.264 for adopting Wavelet transform-type of codec which will allow even better compression rate while offering better efficiency. This type of compression was already used for the JPEG 2000 format. If we did not get confirmation yet, we can suspect that Apple will be using a format evolving or directly originating from Dirac. In addition, this format is now a standard (and open source format) known under the name of VC2, while the VC1 is a proprietary format from Microsoft found in BD media with H.264. The ultimate goal for Apple would be to promote this new format to support 4 K video (up to 4096x2160.

Of course, main customers do not have necessarily a 1080 HD TV at home, so a 4K-compatible device, even less. However, Apple would be planning to enter the market from the high-end, as it did for the iPhone, and in the coming weeks/months we should see Apple products with display offering an increasing definition. Let's imagine a "retina" display...
Of course, besides competing directly on the VOD and TV market, this offer might also make the BD media history in a record time, opening the doors of a fully online TV/video market, for which Apple will most likely introduce a true Apple TV 2.0. It could also be the reason of the huge investment planned by Apple for the famous data center in Carolina.

This project would already be well advanced and Apple has already been in contact with companies manufacturing camera and camcorder, as well as Google, the latter having announced yesterday that YouTube would now support 4K video. If we are sure that this set of information is reliable, we do not know if Apple will keep running this project till its end and its release.

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