iPhone 3GS "End of Life"

By linathael. Original by Lionel - 25/05/2010 23:20:19 CEST - Category: iPhone

There are no more doubts that the iPhone 3GS will be replaced soon.
In the US, it is almost impossible to order them. Wal Mart even sells them for half the price. It seems that retailers are trying to get rid of their stock as soon as they can, before the new iPhone that was all over the web arrives.
In the litigation opposing Apple to Gizmodo, Apple announced that the unveiling of the new phone harmed them in a way that is hard to quantify by making sales of the iPhone 3GS drop dramatically. Apple probably decided to limit the loss by stopping the production of the current model and also by presenting the new iPhone earlier than planned, probably on June 7th at the latest.

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