Problems on certain of the MacBook Pro 2010

By crispin. Original by Lionel - 17/05/2010 06:00:00 CEST - Category: Laptop

We call on Frederic:

As many other users, I have awaited the latest update of the MacBook Pro range to change my hardware, a MacBook i7", 8 GB of RAM, HD 500 GB 7.200 rpm, in short, a small but pretty jewel.
Quickly, and in a completely random way, it would freeze. impossible to use the keyboard, only the pointer moved (trackpad or Magic Mouse) before blocking completely, requiring a complete restart of the machine.
Curiously, the console does not indicate anything before freezing. And the phenomenon is not at all reproducible and can occur after 1 hour on battery or once per week when using the power adaptor.
After some research, it proves that:

  • the problem seems to affect a great number of machines 
  • the core i5 and i7 machines, 15 and 17 inches are all affected 
  • the problem occurs when the machine is running on the battery or on the power adaptor 
  • no particular application seem related to the manifestation of the problem 
  • the hard drive (5.400 or 7.200 rpm) is not guilty: a user who connected a SSD Intel of 80 GB found the same problems. 

You will find a thread here: and here:

 On reading these, one notes that the problem is independent of the type of hard drive or even of SSD. Nevertheless it seems related to a problem on the internal SATA, the problem disappearing if it is started on an external disc Firewire.
One has already met this kind of problem on MacBook Pro 2009 after Apple jumped over SATA interface 1. The discs could freeze as if the controller saturated. To complicate the things, this problem is far from affecting everyone. Let us wish that Apple is more reactive this time than they have been to regulate the problem on the machines 2009.

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