Apple Acquires Dell!

By linathael. Original by Lionel - 01/04/2010 00:01:00 CEST - Category: Apple

Most Mac users will most likely remember comments made by Michael Dell during the black period of Apple. But the direction of the wind changed and it now fully blows into Apple sails, leaving Dell in the behind. The company has lost its leadership on the Pc market, and keeps going down, today Apple weights 7 times Dell on the market stocks exchange. But, let's stop here the introduction to concentrate on this historical day. Apple announced to have acquired Dell for 10 billion USD, and in shares for the remaining capitals at a rate of 6 Dell for 1 Apple, giving a bonus of 12% for Dell shares.

In its forthcoming PR, Apple indicates the historical impact of this acquisition, and aims to use it to boost its development in corporates and state institutions. The integration of Dell will be carried out in 2 steps:

  • During the next 2 years, Dell computers will remain branded as such, but from June 1st, they will ship with preinstalled-Bootcamp as well as Mac OS X, with a booting option for one OS or the other.
  • After 2 years transition, during which Apple will revise the models and offers, Dell will disappear and only the apple logo will remain, and Windows via Bootcamp will only be shipped as an option. 

Several analysts have already indicated that Apple is a major winner with such move and they revised their expectation for Apple stock, by the end of 2010 of 450 USD/share. According to the US administration, several representatives were pleased that Dell is acquired by another US company rather than a chinese corporate, similarly to Lenovo that acquired BM notebook activities. If Michael Dell did not officially react yet, he will be joining Apple Board as soon as next week as vice-CEO of the company.

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