Details concerning the Xeon processors with 6 cores

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New information shown by Intel lets us learn some more on the future Intel processors in 6 cores engraved in 32 nm that we soon expect to see equipping the Mac Pro. To start, contrary to the forecasts, these processors will keep the name of Core i7 and will not be called Core i9. They will be placed by Intel in the Extreme category and will carry X in their name. Here the roadmap of Intel and information on this processor.

 The first processor of this new line will be thus the i7-980X. In spite of its 6 cores, it will be able to reach the frequency of 3,33 GHz that promises performances of very highest level with the software optimized to take advantage of the 6 cores and the 12 threads (double in a machine equipped with 2 Xeon). Its price should will be in top position in the Intel catalogue, thus lowering the price of the other processors.
To finish, it should be released in March 2010. If Apple decides to integrate it into its Mac Pro, and they always have had good relationships with Intel, one should see it fitted in machines with an Apple logo a few weeks in advance, approximately a year after current Mac Pro.

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