The Magic Mouse uncovers a problem with Bluetooth on the Mac Pro 2009

By crispin. Original by Lionel - 01/12/2009 00:01:00 CET - Category: Peripheral

As much we hated Mighty Mouse and as much we appreciated Magic Mouse, we are far from being the only ones to find this mouse brilliant. However for many people, it was the occasion to activate Bluetooth on their Mac, since there is no version equipped with a cable on offer.
Thus this was the occasion for certain people to see that Bluetooth of their Mac Pro 2009 was not at the top level.
One of our macbidouille readers, Vincent lengthily explained that the mouse functioned very badly with his Mac Pro 2009, as if the range of the Bluetooh of his machine was not sufficient. Other similar stories are published on the forums of Apple. Changing the Bluetooth module does not fix the problem that seems related to a faulty, or more probably badly placed, antenna. In order to preserve the 'all-metal' design of the machine, Apple hid its antennas on the under side under a plastic cover. The waves must thus rebound on the ground to reach or leave this place, which will not always happen since this ground can absorbs or can let the waves pass through.
All one can do if affected by this problem is to find an external USB Bluetooth module.

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