First Test for the Forthcoming Intel 6-Core Xeon

By linathael. Original by Lionel - 26/11/2009 12:25:44 CET - Category: Mac Intel

The Polish website PCLab released (by accident?), before quickly removing it, a test of the Intel Xeon Gulftown, a future CPU sporting 6 cores and engraved at 32 nm. First figures indicate that this CPU is very promising. At equivalent clock speed, it is 50% faster than the corresponding quad core Xeon for parallel tasks. Despite having 50% more transistors, the CPU strongly benefits from 32-nm engraving as it drains 50% less power in idle mode and 10% less in full loading mode.

According to our sources, this CPU will be installed in the future Mac Pro revision expected early 2010, in order to create a new gap between the iMac Core i7 and the Mac Pro models. This future Mac Pro will then offer 12 physical and 24 logical cores, more than enough power for heavy task, the bottleneck now being the way application are coded to benefit from such raw power.

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