iPhone 3GS Turning Red: A Problem with Some Protection Enclosure?

By linathael. Original by Lionel - 05/07/2009 21:26:02 CEST - Category: Apple

Last week we were reporting about cases of iPhone 3GS white having part of their backside turning red after being extensively used, indicating a potential damage linked to overheating.

However, we have received additional details that could provide a good explanation to the relatively low number of reported reddish iPhone 3GS: 

- According to discussion between FrenchiPhone editor and Apple Support, the red strips are not linked to a potential overheating of the iPhone 3GS, but rather to a chemical reaction due to a component found in some protection enclosure originally sold to preserve the precious device! Indeed, they could show that a small label sticked on the enclosure prevented the corresponding area on the backside of the iPhone to turn red. 
- One solution to get the iPhone 3GS white back is to clean the backside with alcohol (they tested it successfully), and it perfectly work. 

So, this should mark the end of this one week-long story. Do not use acetone instead of ethanol/alcohol.

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