A 500 MB/s Storage Unit in a Mac Pro

By linathael. Original by Lionel - 01/04/2009 14:40:30 CEST - Category: Hard Drive

In June 2008, we installed a RAID volume composed of 2 WD Velociraptor in a Mac Pro (below the SuperDrive bay), providing at that time a rather impressive data transfer speed of about 200 MB/s in reading and writing mode.

Of course, things changed and evolved from that time, and in particular, SSDs have been released. While the price of such solid state drive is now low enough to justify a purchase for a Pro user, so we decided to replace both Velociraptor by 2 OCZ SSD Vertex of 120 GB. The first good news is related to the storage space. As shown on the capture below, those drives offer the expected capacity, and even a bit more: 121.6 GB.

Once the RAID was created, we were very agreeably surprised.

The transfer speed in RAID 0 reached an impressive figure of over 500 MB/s in reading mode, and marginally less in writing model. We will perform additional test in the coming days, but this RAID volume might be faster than a volume composed of 4 SAS HDs controlled by the Apple RAID card... 


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