News for Tuesday, 17 February 2009

Intel makes up batches: SSD+ Core i7

By crispin. Original by Lionel - 17/02/2009 23:59:17 CET - Category: Hard Drive - Source: Digitimes
Intel is proposing to its partners a rather rare promotional offer in this market. They propose to sell batches of a Core i7 processor and a SSD disk with the help of a reduction from 10 to 15% on the batch.
The acknowledged goal is to empty stocks of the foundry which has difficulty because of the economic crisis.
If the customers have the means of benefitting from this promotion, it is not known if that the final customers will also profit from it. They will be certainly be trying to divide these batches and to separately sell them without a fall in the price.

Soon a universal charger for mobile phones??

By crispin. Original by Lionel - 17/02/2009 23:52:33 CET - Category: iPhone - Source:
Following a requirement by the European Union, the makers of mobile telephones will have to propose a way of using a universal charger with their telephones.
The goal is not to have to find the good charger for a telephone, but not to have to change the charger that often has an life expectancy higher than the telephone. There would be 500 million chargers in circulation in Europe.
It seems that the preferred format is that of a USB mini connector, already universal in many other uses.
We do not know if Apple will accept adding it to their iPhones, or if they will be satisfied to be in conformity by offering an adapter.
PS: It would be quite important if the manufacturers of cameras also accept to charge their apparatuses by USB connector present on all cameras. They also have as many chargers as models.

Bad results of NVidia charged to the computer manufacturer

By crispin. Original by Lionel - 17/02/2009 23:41:11 CET - Category: Video - Source: Fudzilla
NVidia announced disastrous results for the end of 2008. Its sales completely crumbled as from November. Even though the economic crisis is of course to blame, NVidia also blames some of the integrators of its products, the manufacturers of computers and of graphics cards.
To limit the crisis as much as possible, the integrators decided to reduce in a drastic way their stocks of products, going from a 2 months inventory to two weeks, which of course completely kills off the sales of chips by NVidia.
In order to convince them to stock again, NVidia is prepared to propose a protection of price on the products that they will buy. Thus, if the price drops, NVidia will refund them and they will be compensated in case of the announcement of new products.
This phenomenon is not only found at Nvidia. All the component makers, and those in the chain are very affected by the fall of the sales and the orders, and those that can not halt their production will be obliged to lose very large sums of money quickly.
Thus, NVidia will not order the new manufacture of chips by TSMC, its foundry. TSMC are already running at 50% of their capacity.

The new angle of attack by Psystar

By crispin. Original by Lionel - 17/02/2009 23:17:26 CET - Category: PC - Source: ARS Technica
Following the agreement of the judge allowing the modification of the contents of its complaint, Psystar has now deposited a new version. As envisaged, the company is now focused on the possible abuse made by Apple of the DMCA law in order to block its competitors.
The new lawsuit reports the following facts:
- Apple cancelled at the end of the Nineties the licence authorizing cloning of the Mac and did not propose since any new possibilities of cloning.
- According to Psystar, Apple thus seeks to choke any competition on the segment of manufacturing any Mac OS X compatible computers.
The company (Psystar) really seems to want to set fire to any wood to try to make a battle. However, the arguments, that Apple now has 20 days to refute, are rather trivial, especially the second one concerning the anti-competition practice. Apple is not in competition with other manufacturers of the Mac, but more largely with all the manufacturers of portables. As ARS has already underlined, Apple have invested heavily in Mac OS X so it can not be now given out freely. Psystar could (in theory) make its own OS using as a basis parts of the Open Source de Linux or of Unix which should also enable them to sell many computers.
In any event, this procedure will certainly last very a long time, as long as the law will allow. Apple cannot allow itself to lose, not like Psystar where there would remain nothing any more but debts.
If there is a company which must follow closely this business, it is PearC, the German clonor of Mac. Its spokesman said that they have nothing to fear from Apple and not had any contact with "Apple Legal".

Special screws keep the battery of MBP 17 inch protected

By crispin. Original by Lionel - 17/02/2009 20:29:00 CET - Category: Laptop
With an officially acknowledged aim to prevent customers dismounting the battery of their MacBook Pro 17" , Apple has used special screws.

All those who have repaired a domestic iron or a Nintendo game console will recognize this form. It has three lobes and it is very easy to get. However, the lower part of the battery is protected by the case and turns out to be flexible and very fragile, which explains these very particular precautions.

The iPhone to Be Banned in Casino

By linathael. Original by Lionel - 17/02/2009 15:28:10 CET - Category: iPhone - Source: AP
According to Nevada gambling regulators, some iPhone applications might helps gamblers to improve their winning rate in Casino. Such card counting application when used from a device might give too many advantages to the player. Some gamblers have been already caught in California for making use of such application helping them when playing blackjack to determine when they are likely to win a hand and should adjust their bets

Windows Mobile 6.5 Unveiled

By linathael. Original by Lionel - 17/02/2009 15:14:24 CET - Category: iPhone - Source: CDR Info
The first major revision of Windows Mobile since the release of the iPhone has been unveiled by Microsoft.

According to Steve Ballmer, this new OS should improve GUI and user’s experience, while breaking down barriers between people… (Do we need a mobile phone to talk to the person sitting next to us?)
Beside such marketing points, the new Windows Mobile includes most of the success feature of the iPhone OS: better connection with computers and networks to exchange data, an AppStore like online shop to purchase application and online synchronization.
While competitors are now catching up on iPhone OS, we are curious to see how apple will continue to improve the iPhone firmware to make it even more appealing and again put competitors in the dust for couple of months.

Adata and PQI Will Sell Rebranded Intel SSD

By linathael. Original by Lionel - 17/02/2009 15:08:12 CET - Category: Hard Drive - Source: Digitimes
After Kingston, two Taiwanese RAM module resellers announced to have signed a partnership with Intel in order to sell Intel SSD under their brand name.

It clearly demonstrate how Intel is becoming a clear key player in this emerging field, not only having hte best products on the market (performance wise) but also building distribution channels for its products. This could impact customers in the future if all high performance SSD, irrespective to the brand name, are all labeled "Intel inside" as it would then prevent any price competition... another monopoly?

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