News for Monday, 10 November 2008

The economic crisis affects the computer world

By crispin. Original by Lionel - 10/11/2008 22:26:01 CET - Category: Apple
Even though no computer maker has yet announced catastrophic sales figure following the economic crisis, obviously next quarter things will not be rosey. To convince oneself, it is enough to read the titles of news items inDigitimes. The specialist subcontractors are the first to suffer. Thus, Quanta and Compal specialized in the manufacture of computers for large accounts (such as Apple) foresee that the orders of products will drop. The same applies to manufacturers of parts such as AUO Optonics which manufactures LCD screens, and of course the manufacturers of RAM who see the arrival of this crisis as a major catastrophe especially since they have suffered already enormously over the last 2 years.
Of course, one wonders what will happen to the Apple sales, currently enjoying strong growth in a contracting market. Either they will at least manage to maintain their level of sales thanks to the renewed love affair of the public for the apple; or on the contrary, the public, being much less captive than us, will put in the fore the price posted on the label, and in this case, Apple will suffer a lot, because even though the Mac is worth its price, it remains much more expensive than many PCs.

Dell Unveils New Technology for Manufacturing Notebooks

By linathael. Original by Lionel - 10/11/2008 13:06:24 CET - Category: Laptop - Source: Digitimes
As Apple unveiled its new manufacturing project for its new MacBook models, Dell is also claiming a manufacturing technology breakthrough. here, it does not involved the production of the notebook enclosure but rahter the technology used to put pictorial designs on a notebook chassis.
Under the name Picaso, the technology uses digital printing technology applied on an empty film which is then heat-transfered onto note enclosure. according to Dell, colors are clearer and brighter than traditional in-mold roller (IMR) process, however its higher cost does not make it as a true alternative to IMR yet.

iPhone: Price Cut around the Corner?

By linathael. Original by Lionel - 10/11/2008 11:17:08 CET - Category: iPhone
An unsubstantiated rumour of an iPhone price cut has been spreading the for last few days. However, the following report might indicate that the French Carrier Orange might significantly cut the price of the iPhone, as indicated by Matt:
Today, I was planning to purchase the iPhone 8GB model, but the first Orange shop only had the 16 GB model. So, I went to a larger store reselling all French carrier subscription plans. A representative told me that on November 13th, the price of the iPhone will decrease (most likely for Christmas season)!
Orange iPhone-based offer would then be
8 GB model => 99€
1 GB model => 129€
Last but not least, November 13th is the date chosen by the carrier to refresh its current offers ending on November 12th.
Of course, this remains a rumour, but if you plan to purchase an iPhone, it might be worth waiting for a couple of days.

ISO Standard for Optical Drive Media

By linathael. Original by Lionel - 10/11/2008 11:09:59 CET - Category: CD Drives - Source: CDR Info
As everybody knows it already, the lifetime of a CD or a DVD is greatly improved if it is stored in a dust-free, dark and cool location. A new ISO standard (ISO 18938:2008) has been released and described in details how to preserve such optical drive media from been impacted by the time.
If loosing data is always a problem, it might be a real issue for companies or governmental authorities. The new IDO standard document can be purchased for 108 CHFr from the ISO website.
If you do not plan to buy it, simply remember to store your optical drive media in a closed box, away from heating system as well as humidity source.
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