News for Monday, 18 February 2008

Orange sells the 16 Gb iPhone

By xavier. Original by Lionel - 18/02/2008 18:41:50 CET - Category: iPhone
Orange has just launched the 16 Gb iPhone in its online store, regular stores should follow soon. It is yours for €499, and is still exclusively available with the special dataplans.
For more information:

iPhone Survey conducted by Apple and Orange

By jeremy. Original by Lionel - 18/02/2008 17:47:00 CET - Category: iPhone
Over to Quentin:
I am sending you an email to announce a survey by Apple.
A call to Orange France customer service gave some confirmations, some answers, some expected, others less so ...
-- Update 2 (this would be the correct name, not 1.1.4), will bring new features:
* Support for Flash, files with extension .Docx
* Adding a mini file manager
* Adding a "clipboard" to manage copied and pasted text, and send files to the clipboard via email or bluetooth
* iClips Management (is this the name of apps distributed via iTunes?)
* A more complete bluetooth manager
* iChat accessible only via wifi
-- But it would not bring:
* Management of MMS
* Video capture
* Editing of office files
It is almost impossible to know if this is reliable information from an employee of Orange who carried out this survey ... .
But one thing is certain, the survey was commissioned by Apple ... And the updating of firmwire will be out in a few days ...
Of course, in the absence of confirmation ... You know the result. But if only half of this list is true, this would already be a great step!

Compatibility problems with Apple RAID and Samsung Spinpoint F1 ?

By jeremy. Original by Lionel - 18/02/2008 16:48:42 CET - Category: Mac OS X
During the weekend, we completed testing of the RAID card on a new Apple Mac Pro. Hoping to get the best possible results, we used Samsung Spinpoint F1 1TB disks, which have the best transfer rates today.
Against all odds, and for reasons that we have not yet identified, we encountered problems with speed.
In RAID 0, 4 discs, involving transfers of less than 30 MB, we obtained data rates of reading and writing over 320 Mb/s. But above 30 MB files, write speed collapsed and peaked at 100 Mb/s.
On the same test, conducted without the RAID card, the transfer speed is much higher, close to 600 Mb/s in both directions with files of less than 20 and up to 500 MB.
It is possible that these discs pose a compatibility problem with this card. We will check in the coming weeks.
If you have installed a RAID card in your machine, please keep us informed of the results you have achieved.

Centrino 2 this summer

By jeremy. Original by Lionel - 18/02/2008 16:42:16 CET - Category: Apple
According to Digitimes , Intel decided that its next platform for laptops, code named Montevina, provides enough innovation to be called Centrino 2.
It should be launched during the Computex exhibition to be held in Taipei from 3 to 7 June.
It will provide the following:
-- 1066 MHz Bus
-- News optimization of energy consumption
-- New integrated graphics chip, the X4500
Intel will also announce new processors supporting the frequency of this bus during the show. They will be clocked between 2.26 and 3.06 GHz.
If Apple does not hurry its distribution of Penryn-based iMacs and laptops, they will be quickly outdated.

More delay for the 8800 GT

By jeremy. Original by Lionel - 18/02/2008 16:35:19 CET - Category: Mac Intel
The first Mac Pro with the 8800 GT arrived a week ago, but Apple is still delayed on deliveries of cards sold singly.
An order placed by a member of our team has already taken a month and is now scheduled for March 11.
However, while these cards might have experienced significant shortages in the PC world, they are now being delivered smoothly.
The explanation should be attributed to other reasons.

The end of HD-DVD is near

By cliveatfive. Original by Lionel - 18/02/2008 16:26:39 CET - Category: CD Drives

Source: Dailytech

Since the end of last week, other sources (which NHK had confirmed) rumored that Toshiba is about to announce its defeat and abandon HD-DVD.
The announcement could happen soon, perhaps within the week. It will certainly require a few years to know what this war has cost Toshiba, and what it will cost them in the future. In fact, they will still have to sell their stock of already-manufactured players, and abandon the investment they have made in the production lines. They will also have to give up their licences paid on this format, and certainly the hardest, having to get a license with Sony to manufacture Blu-ray. It is likely that they are already in the process of negotiating this last point in exchange for an announcement of defeat as soon as possible.

The future of PhysX according to NVidia

By jeremy. Original by Lionel - 18/02/2008 13:17:42 CET - Category: Video
Feb 13, NVidia purchased Ageia, the company that developed the PhysX, a rendering graphics engine (to model physics interactions) used in some games via an additional daughterboard.
NVidia has indicated what the future of PhysX will be. The daughter-cards will be abandoned. The physics engine will be managed in the future by some GeForce chips, perhaps the current 8800.
Bad news, however. It will be at least two cards (so nothing really changes) which will significantly push up the bill.
It is likely that in the future, the next generation of cards will have enough power to handle 3D renderings and physical interations at the same time.

Garmin advances its Mac compatability

By jeremy. Original by Lionel - 18/02/2008 12:56:22 CET - Category: Peripheral
Thanks to Joel for the info:
As some of you know, Garmin has set up a page dedicated to their software for MacOSX since MWSF in January. At the same time a beta mac version of MapSource -- aka Bobcat -- was made public. Over the past month, two other beta's came out and corrected the errors of youth in the first version, and it now is really usable software. Garmin also stated that City Navigator 2008 (Europe and North America) will have mac format maps on DVD .... At the moment, even though Bobcat is there, we (currently) go through a Windows converter for maps (a utility provided by Garmin).
Detailed information on the Garmin and mac:
• Webupdater which manages updates GPS is available and stable.
• POI Loader that allows loading of the points of interest in GPS is available and stable.
• MapManager which installs the maps on the mac is available and stable.
• MapInstall which allows you to load maps customized to your GPS is available in beta.
• Bobcat which facilitates the planning of routes is available in beta ...
What is lacking: a POI publisher (AFAIK), a clone of nRoute, mac format maps (although it willbe available soon) and tying up some loose ends.
In addition all these programs require Tiger and 512MB RAM and a USB Garmin GPS.
In any case, support for the mac by Garmin is back on its feet.
More info: / macosx

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