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While Waiting for MWSF 2008: Penryn, 10.5.2 and other Information

By linathael. Original by Lionel - 05/12/2007 15:36:53 CET - Category: Apple
As many of our readers requested additional information regarding the date for the launch of the future Mac Pro, we decided to ask our sources for details. Of course, we could not cross confirm all information, but we know that they should be reliable:
Unlike our expectations, one will have to wait for MWSF keynote on January 15th to have Steve jobs announcing the transition to Penryn processors, the Mac Pro being the first. reasons for this delay are numerous, but we were reporting yesterday about some of them:
- Apple is actively working on Leopard to benefit as much as possible from the recently released Intel Mac OS X compiler and libraries, including SSE4 support. Mac OS X 10.5.2 should be released for the keynote and fully takes advantages of the last Intel compiler and libraries. According to our sources, it should be the largest and most important intermediate system update ever released by Apple.
- the new Mac Pro will be immediately available after the Keynote, and the hardware specifications should be as follow:
* 8 Core Xeon Penryn for all (3.2GHz for the high-end model)
* new graphic cards should be available, among them the latest Quadro FX from NVidia
* Apple should offer Blu-ray burner as BTO
Apple should also rename DVD Studio Pro, as the January expected update should bring support for playing and burning BD media; the name could be Disk Studio Pro.
Regarding Penryn-based iMac or MacBook Pro, dates of availability remain unclear, if they are announced in January, they should not be immediately available, as the mobile Penryn CPUs should not be officially available priori January 7th.
Last but not least: the last Intel compiler bringing SSE4 support is also compatible with Itanium CPU, which are the high-end Intel server CPUs. According to our sources, Apple might be launching a series of Xserve "Ultra" powered by Itanium 2 in a near future.

Orange Sold 30,000 iPhones within 5 Days

By linathael. Original by Lionel - 05/12/2007 15:14:16 CET - Category: iPhone
In a press release, Orange announced to have sold 30,000 iPhones within the 5 days following the launch of the product in France. Among the 30,000 iPhones owners, 48% were new Orange subscribers.
Orange plans to ship 100,000 iPhones by the end of the year, if Apple is able to deliver enough units for non-US countries before Christmas.

Apple Placed Orders for 13.3" LED Panels: MacBook Pro 13.3"?

By linathael. Original by Lionel - 05/12/2007 09:28:32 CET - Category: Laptop
According to Digitimes, Apple, as well as Dell, placed orders for 13.3" notebook-dedicated LED backlight units (BLUs). If the initial shipment made by Cupertino was small and limited to 10,000 units, 90,000 additional units are expected to be shipped in December. If such size of BLU would indicate it is designed for the MacBook, we are rather thinking it could be the first real sign of the future released of a MacBook Pro 13.3", expected by many users. Indeed, adopting BLU for MacBook would have a significant impact on the price, something Apple might not willing to do, considering the impressive number of units sold for the entry-level notebook models. However, Cupertino might fully adopt BLU for all its notebook offer, to demonstrate its commitment for a greener Apple to environment protection association, such as Greenpeace. For sure we should know more at the MacWorld 2008 in San Francisco in January.

A Rich Disc Recording Framework

By linathael. Original by Lionel - 05/12/2007 09:28:10 CET - Category: CD Drives
Following our recent news about Leopard and the support of BD and HD-DVD burner, Christophe, one of our readers sent us a message to illustrate how Apple is working hard at delivering a large library BD and HD-DVD burners for Mac OS X.
You simply need to look at the details of the library from the Disc Recording Framework on Apple Developer Website. So, all software and freeware developers should be able to quickly implement such burning features in their applications.

How to Keep Using Scanner not Supported by Leopard?

By linathael. Original by Lionel - 05/12/2007 09:27:41 CET - Category: Peripheral
A reader from could not use his Canon scanner anymore after migrating to Leopard. So, he looked for a solution and found it thanks to TWAIN SANE Interface for MacOS X

To use this application, you have to install the following package in the defined order:
- libusb.pkg
- sane-backends.pkg
- twain-sane-interface.pkg
- sane-preference-pane.pkg
For additional information about Sane, please visit the following website:

Super Talent Launches 256GB SATA SSD

By linathael. Original by Lionel - 05/12/2007 09:27:15 CET - Category: Hard Drive
Supertalent, well known for its memory modules and its SSD offers, announced the availability of a new high end SSD model featuring 256GB storage space.
Available in 3.5" format with the SATA interface, those new SSD models feature working temperature range from 0 to 70°C or from -40 to 85°C. Super Talent claims that the MTBF of such drive should be around 1,000,000 hours and with an expected lifetime of 140 years with daily writing volume of 50GB. If the data transfer speed are known, 45MB/s in writing and 60MB/s in reading mode, the price remains unknown.

AIM Chat Over Gmail [Update]

By cheerful - 05/12/2007 06:47:10 CET - Category: Internet - Source: The Official Gmail Blog
It is now possible to chat with our AIM buddies over Gmail. One caveat, English Internet Explorer 7 and Firewfox 2 users required. Check out the blog news here via The New York Times.
"Google has been committed to open standards and interoperation for instant messaging."
p.s. Google invites anyone who owns "a large IM network and would like to work with" them to contact them.
[Update]rickroberts, one of our forum readers, reports that it works fine under Safari 3. Nice!

Fujitsu Also Announces a 320 GB 2.5'' Drive

By jwa. Original by Lionel - 05/12/2007 06:32:21 CET - Category: Hard Drive - Source: Fujitsu
Following Western Digital, Fujitsu has also announced a 2.5" disk with a 320 GB capacity. It will run at 5400 rpm, will have 8 MB of cache, and will only be available in SATA.
It will go on sale in February 2008 for a still unknown price. It will certainly meet the competition or be a little below. Competition between different manufacturers will help as capacities will rapidly grow during 2008.

Leopard Really Likes Blu-ray Burners

By jwa. Original by Lionel - 05/12/2007 06:16:07 CET - Category: CD Drives
We've continued playing with the LG GGW-H20 while waiting for the Toast development team, with whom we are in contact, to resolve the incompatibility between their software and this SATA burner.
We realized that Mac OS X supports many Blu-ray functions.
To start, the system, without any additional software, mounts a commercial Blu-ray disc containing a film without any problem. It is, however, impossible to play it, because of the missing HDCP support on the Mac Pro and Apple's screens, but also because of the fact that DVD Player crashes if such a disc is inserted.
But we were surprised to see that the compatibility extends further.
Indeed, at the insertion of a blank BD-R disc, you are prompted with the usual following message:

System Profiler also recognizes the media as a BD-R:

Tiger was totally ignorant of this type of media. If you click on OK, you find a burnable volume mounted:

As you can see, the icon corresponds to a Blu-ray disc, as well as its capacity.
We decided to test our luck by filling the disc and burning it, fearing for the worst.

Against all odds, the burner launched and ran perfectly well. At the end of all this, we had a disc containing our files, which we were able to access fine.
Having arrived at this point, we decided to push our luck with a rewritable disc, a BD-RE

Once again, it was perfectly recognized, and once the burn finished we once again had a perfectly readable disc.
But of course if this disc could not really be erased, it would be lacking its principle aspect of interest. And there, Disk Utility fulfilled our desires.

A quick erase, taking a few seconds, suffices to bring the disk back to a blank state so that it is once again ready to be burned.
So, from now on it is possible to do backups directly in OS X to this type of media. Although it is still expensive, its capacity and certainly its resistance to scratches should interest some professionals.

Use Region X in Leopard

By jwa. Original by Lionel - 05/12/2007 05:28:24 CET - Category: Mac OS X
digsim, a forum member, had found himself unable to to use Region X under Leopard with his region free DVD drive. But he has succeeded at fixing the problem:
The solution is very simple. It suffices to delete the ~/Library/Application Support/DVD Player directory and the ~/Library/Preferences/ file. After running Region X again, and modifying the zones, DVD Player will now be aware of the new settings.

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