News for Wednesday, 7 March 2007

Apple and Orange: Beginning of a Love Story?

By linathael. Original by Lionel - 07/03/2007 15:15:59 CET - Category: Apple
Yesterday, we were invited to an event entitled "Collection 2007" organized by Orange, one of the main carriers of European mobile phone networks. Orange unveiled its strategy and partnership campaign for 2007.
Among them, one was dedicated to the partnership between Apple and Orange.

The design was built around the wireless offer currently available with Orange LiveBox and Apple notebook models.

When asked about Orange's strategy concerning the iPhone, they declared that they currently "could not comment"; probably because they are currently negotiating with Apple, as Vodafone and T-Mobile are.

An 8GB CF card in an iPod

By Greg. Original by Lionel - 07/03/2007 10:57:50 CET - Category: iPod
Remember that Geektechnique mod we told you about? These guys had installed a 4GB CF card in place of the Microdrive.

Guess what! They did it again with a 8GB card.

And it works! The iPod recognizes it and manages it without a problem.
Curious to see how they dit it? Well, just click here then...

Movie theatres soon to download their films

By Greg. Original by Lionel - 07/03/2007 09:18:31 CET - Category: Video - Source: CDR Info
The way films are distributed to cinemas might soon know a real revolution currently brewing in Hollywood think-tanks. Currently, movies are distributed under the shape of reels, and more exceptionnaly of hard-disks. Now these guys are seriously thinking about sending them directly through satellite link or securized high-speed connections. The films would then be stored on the local hard-disks for the duration of their display.
Studios see a great benefit in this system, whose flexibility would allow movie theatres to change their programmes more frequently. But their main interest is to implement a straight link from producter to consumer, thus getting rid of the all these intermediaries likely to make illegal copies of the film.
This system is still in the stage of feasability study, but wide-spread implementation of optical cable networks in the coming years will sure help it topple the current one.
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