News for Wednesday, 14 June 2006

Apple's $100,000 blunder

By Greg. Original by Lionel - 14/06/2006 23:42:43 CEST - Category: Apple - Source: Dailytech
Apple has omitted to pay to the State of Washington the licence fee required for the selling of Apple Care services and waranties over there. Quite surprising inasmuch as the cost of this licence is ridiculously low: $250 for the first year, and then $200 per year.
Apple's forgetfullness will have Cupertino cough a $100,000 fine.
While everything is now back to order, one might just muse about what happened to the chap in charge of the legal procedings for that state...

24 Hours "Le Mans": Mac mini Inside !!

By linathael. Original by Lionel - 14/06/2006 21:24:52 CEST - Category: Apple
Krystenahas informed us that together with Fast Micro, they will install for the Austin MArtin Racing Team 10 computer systems based on Mac mini during the legendary race 24 Hours "Le Mans", taking place on June 17-18th.

Blu-Ray: Let's Postpone It Once More...

By linathael. Original by Lionel - 14/06/2006 10:58:01 CEST - Category: CD Drives
The Blu-Ray laser story is turning into a real "farce". Recently, SONY Pictures confirmed that the first HD movies on BD media will be available on June 20th (as expected), but yesterday SONY Hardware Division announced that the introduction of BD players will be (once more) postponed. Now, the expected date is August 15th. Soon SONY will be as bad as Microsoft with Vista to predict official release date...
In addition, Pioneer and other BD devices manufacturers will also be late, so in June we might see the first HD movies on BD media without any players to watch them...
The reason behind this "farce" finds its roots in the marketing war launched by both sides trying to convince customers and Movie Majors that they will be the first to introduce Blu-Ray laser-based media and devices... of course at the end, while trying to sell the moon you end up facing realities...and of course it does not look serious…

Microsoft Office 2004 Updated

By linathael. Original by Lionel - 14/06/2006 10:47:38 CEST - Category: Software
Microsoft has released an update for Office 2004 fixing security issues and minor bugs.
To download it:

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