News for Tuesday, 10 January 2006

iWork 06

By linathael. Original by Yoc - 10/01/2006 22:50:35 CET - Category: Apple
Together with iLife, Apple has also updated iWork, to version 06.
Pages 2

Without much advertisement, apple keeps developing its text and presentation application. With this new version, you will have additional options to integrate images into your texts.
Apple has also added into Page, simple Excel-like capabilities to generate both tables and 3D graphs. You can also now synchronize a document model with your Address book to generate mailings.
Keynote 3

For Keynote, as for Page, the new features are mostly affecting the number of options for shapes, 3D graphs, tables, etc. But it also include new theme, as well as new transition capabilities.

iLife 06 : a first review

By linathael. Original by Yoc - 10/01/2006 22:33:40 CET - Category: Apple
As announced today, iLife is now available in version 06.
Let's start with iPhoto 6.

First point: the application has been entirely recoded to improve performance. The maximum number of photo is now 250 000.
Another new feature is the PhotoCasting. It is like Podcasting but for the photo. So you can publish your photos on your .MAc account and share them over the net. something that iPhoto 5 could do. But the new feature is the availability to update its iPod contents for photo collection via the net (such as a grand-mother following the first steps of her 2nd generation).
If the podcasting became rapidly popular, it is also because iTunes was available for PC, here iPhoto is for the moment only available on Mac. So, the Photocasting can be nice, but it is Mac-only.
Other feature to mentioned : create and order greetings and invitation cards from your iPhoto library.
iMovie HD 6

Moviecasting : a new option allows the user to directly export its project into an iPod-compatible format. With a new series of themes (made in Apple), you can now get access to some real-time special effects which were so far only available from Pro applications. Thanks to CoreVideo, most the effects are available in real-time, especially sub-tittles.
New audio filters are also available.
iDVD 6

For us, the most important feature is the possibility given by Apple (for the first time) to burn on any DVD burner, and not only on SuperDrives! So thanks a lot Steve, we will not have to patch our burner anymore to lake them compatible with iLife.
Other new features : 10 new themes, including 16/9 format.
GarageBand 3

For Garageband, it is also all about Casting : new features to create Pro-like podcast (recording audio-iChat discussions, improved microphone management including an automatic fading system...).
To be noticed is the new mixing table including recording level control as well as the a new sound management. Apple has also added the support of multitrack audio cards allowing the recording of several instruments at once. And to conclude, Apple has added a ton-recognition system, an option which is normally only available for expensive Pro applications.
And to conclude the new iApplication : iWeb

Entirely integrated in iLife, iWeb is designed to help you to publish easily your photos; films, music, videos and blog on your .Mac webpage. It gives more control than the integrated online publishing tools available in iPhoto, iMovie or GarageBand. We will perform a more detailed test as soon as we can put our hands on this new application.

Apple Store was down!!

By linathael. Original by Lionel - 10/01/2006 22:06:18 CET - Category: Apple
It can be considered as a proof of the huge success of today's announcement, theApple Store was brought down due to overloading connections.
This is quite amazing when you consider the hardware resources available. Apple's share is climbing, and is over 80$.
PS: as usual, if you want to support us, use the sponsored link hereafter for your order :
Apple Store

MacBook Pro 15"

By linathael. Original by Val - 10/01/2006 21:58:05 CET - Category: Mac Intel
Apple has released today the first 2 members of the future Apple notebook models, named MacBook that are powered by Intel processor. This name will probably replace the entire iBook and PowerBook models in a short term period.

The MacBook is thinner 2.6cm vs 2.8cm and also 100g lighter.
The MacBooks Pro 15" share the following features :
- display 15,4" 1440x900 and integrated iSight
- IR port and Front Row remote control
- SuperDrive 4X
- MagSafe power cable and 60 Wh battery
- DVI Dual Link output supporting up to 30" Apple Cinema display
- Serial-ATA 5400rpm HD
- 1 port Firewire 400 and 2 ports USB2
- AirPort Extreme + Bluetooth 2.0
Hereafter are the detailed features for each models :
MacBook Pro 1,67 GHz
- Intel Core Duo clocked at 1.67 GHz
- 512 MB DDR2 667
- Radeon Mobility X1600 with 128 MB GDDR3
- HD 80 GB
1999 $ - 2149 €
MacBook Pro 1,83 GHz
- Intel Core Duo clocked at 1.83 GHz
- 1 GB DDR2 667 (single RAM module)
- Radeon Mobility X1600 with 256 MB GDDR3
- HD 100 GB
2499 $ - price unavailable
Disappointing points : the removal of both model and FireWire800 port. No information regarding the battery lifespan. Those models will be shipped in February, and can be immediately ordered from the Apple Store.

New iMac intel (iMacIntel)

By linathael. Original by Arthur - 10/01/2006 21:46:09 CET - Category: Mac Intel
The first Intel processor-based Mac will be the iMac, same design, same size et same price. Only the processors is repalced by an Intel Core Duo (Yonah dualcore) clocked at 1.83 and 2.0GHz.
Shipment are announced within 3 days!

Two models are available:
- iMac 17" (1440x900) Intel Core Duo 1.83 GHz, 512 MB RAM, HDr 160 Go, ATI X1600 128 MB, Airport Extreme and Bluetooth. Price: 1379 Euros.
- iMac 20" (1680x1050) Intel Core Duo 2 GHz, 512 MB RAM, HD 250 Go, ATI X1600 128 Mo, Airport Extreme and Bluetooth. Price: 1799 Euros.
Apple claims that those models are 2-3 times faster than the previous PPC-based models. We will check those claims as soon as possible.

Did you miss the Keynote? watch it now online!

By linathael. Original by Val - 10/01/2006 21:36:16 CET - Category: Apple
The video of the MacWorld Expo San Francisco 2006 Keynote is now available on line:
Keynote Mac World SF 2006

iTunes updated to 6.0.2

By linathael. Original by MacEnsteph - 10/01/2006 21:34:26 CET - Category: Apple
After QT, it is now the turn of iTunes to be updated to version 6.0.2 (18.9 MB).

Quicktime updated

By linathael. Original by Lionel - 10/01/2006 21:32:35 CET - Category: Apple
Before the availability of 10.4.4, QuickTime is updated to version 7.0.4 (50MB!)
This update fix bugs, and is required for iLife06, while improving performance of H.264. It is strongly recommended for QT7 users.

Live from Macworld

By Kalomir - 10/01/2006 17:49:03 CET - Category: Apple
We will try and offer you a live coverage of macworld expo. Stay tuned as we'll refresh this news item.
As a friend just said, don't expect too much of this keynote! There are so many disappointed mac users after every special event... as there are so many rumours around the web.
Yet the Apple Stores are now closed, which confirms new products will be released...
If you follow the Mac actualities, then you probably expect one or some of those products to be unveiled: new iBooks or Powerbooks, a deluxe media center on a 42" or 50" plasma screen, new iPods (not fed up yet ?). As for software, an iLife update is in view, and iWork for 2006, including a new application in iWork : iWeb ? You'll find out in no time!
update: we have experienced a serious problem with our servers, we apoligize for not being able to relay Steve's Keynote. In summary: iLife 6 including iWeb, iWorks6 and an intel-based iMac (Core Duo) about 2 to 3 times faster than the last iMacG5.
iLife 06.
News features:
- new iPhoto:
faster; up to 250 000 photos in your library, new effects. Possibilities to create greeting or invitation cards. Web podcasting possible from iPhoto, but it requires a .Mac account.
- iMovie:
new audio tools, new themes, new real time effects... possibility to open several projects in parallel. One can export directly the movie to an iPod.
- iDVD:
16:9 frame ratio possible. It now supports third-parties DVD burners!! thanks to Magic iDVD one can quickly create DVD.
- GarageBand:
Podcasting studio, allows user toi add voice and jungles.
New Jampack, World Music.
- iWeb
allows you to share photos, films, music, blogs and contents.
Simple and powerful. Everything is also based around .Mac, not clear if it only works with .Mac.
It uses a new technology called AJAX allowing to create small size and easy to manipulate interactive contents
iLife06 will cost 79$ and is immediately available.
It will be included with new Macs...
Regarding hardware... Intel is ready..Apple is ready too!!
Intel CEO Paul Otellini comes on stage and repeat Intel's commitment to support Apple.
Hard work, night and days, but today the first MacIntel is available : an iMac!!
Based on a Core Duo it is 2-3 time faster than the previous PPC-based model
The new iMac is delivered with 10.4.4 fully native for x86. All applications are using universal binaries: iLife06 and iWorks6.
All Apple's Pro applications will be coded in Universal Binaries by March. A universal update will be proposed for 49$.
Quark will proposerpose as early as today a beta universal version of its flagship application.
MS Office works perfectly with Rosetta, and MS is preparing a universal binaries version.
The iMac will be available immediately in 2 versions : 1.83 and 2 GHz (dual core)
One more thing!!
The iMac will be available immediately in 2 versions : 1.83 and 2 GHz (dual core)
One more thing!!
It has not been possible to install a G5 into the PowerBook despite all trials...
today will intel CPU it is possible : MacBook Pro. 4 to 5 times faster. 15.4", integrated iSight.
15,4'', le plus rapide portable jamais fait. Ecran très très lumineux. iSight intégrée.
New Power Adapter is magnetically held in. Remote controle and IR port.
1999$ for the 1.67GHz dualcore version and 2499$ for the 1.83 dualcore version.
Standing ovation.
that's it.
All new products are already available on the AppleStore
Linathael & Kalomir

15" Aluminum Powerbook battery update

By Moose. Original by MacEnsteph - 10/01/2006 17:24:36 CET - Category: Laptop
An update to the 15" Aluminum Powerbook battery management software is available through Software update (1.0, 820 KB).
This update aids the 15-inch Aluminum PowerBook battery in performing at full capacity.

Airport Express Base Station problems (cont.)

By Moose. Original by Lionel - 10/01/2006 09:19:08 CET - Category: Peripheral
Since our news we published yesterday on dying Airport Express Base Stations (AE), we have received numerous reports from around the world which describe similar problems.
Basically, the AE suddenly stops working and won't turn on anymore.
A quick review of the serial numbers of defective AE showed no clue whatsoever.
Une première étude des numéros de séries ne nous permet pas d'y trouver un quelconque signe de série défectueuse.
If the problem does happen during the standard Applecare period, it seems it is more common on the 13th month...
One of our readers (Dieru), managed to resurrect his AE by opening it and replacing the fuse. Here is a picture of the culprit:

This is a 500mA 250V fuse, located under the adhesive tape (which can be yellow or blue). If you try and replace it, be careful to use a fuse with similar characteristics and when you turn the AE back on, do it from a distance to avoid any electrical shock risk.
Do notice that some other readers replaced the fuse without managing to make the AE work again. And one even managed to get it to work on batteries :)
Everything points to faulty power supplies [this becoming a trademark for Apple.]
Will we have to wait for a class action for Apple to start an extended repair program?

Live from San Franciso

By Moose. Original by Lionel - 10/01/2006 09:09:35 CET - Category: Apple
Eric sent us these pictures and the following comment:
In about 7 hrs we'll start queuing for the Keynote...
RIght now Moscone Center is a-buzz with elevator and power-drill noises, nothing is ready and there's a giant black curtain wrapping the building... can't see a darn thing on the Apple booth.
From our hotel room window we spy on the entrances but nothing filters out...
"Intel or not Intel, that is the question".
A tip leaked during a diner in Palo Alto makes us think it will be Intel on January 10.
Stay tuned on Hardmac for the following day, we'll publish pictures and news live from Frisco.

HDCP: monitors and graphics cards worst nightmare

By jwa. Original by Lionel - 10/01/2006 00:53:34 CET - Category: Video has published an unusual article for them which is very alarming about the HDCP standard (High Bandwidth Digital Content Protection) which is likely to pose enormous problems in the very near future.
The purpose of this protocol is to more closely lock the next generation of HD movies in order to prevent the content from being viewed on systems not sanctioned by the distributors. The basis of this communication protocol is that all of the hardware components will have to authenticate with each other (the screen, video card, player, etc...). Without these specific components, it will be impossible to see the movie.
However, there are currently no screens or video cards equipped with these chips. Basically, none of the current equipment which has been bought will be able to read the HD content of tomorrow, even though tomorrow is not too far away.
The situation is thus very problematic, since it will not be possible to update these products, they will have to be replaced.

A Nano Clone on eBay

By jwa. Original by Lionel - 10/01/2006 00:32:06 CET - Category: iPod
To start, here is the epilogue of the story about the fake iPod Shuffle.
After much dilly-dallying, the unscrupulous seller of fake iPod Shuffles has reimbursed those who had threatened to complain. The other mp3 players are now underway. There will thus be another epilogue, but much much later.
One is now starting to find, not counterfeits of the Nano, but of the clones.

Here is the description:
• Same size as the iPod Nano
• FM Radio digital french
• Can play mp3s, show images, or play video
• High resolution 1.5 inch screen
• Compression software for the provided videos
• 256 Mb storage capacity (a movie of 1 hour and 30 minutes takes up 125mb with one pass)
• French menu
• The player does not have an Apple logo, but the logo of Samsung, as well as the quality of one
• Delivered with Apple logo ear buds.
It is better to laugh at this than to complain, because this product seems years behind the nano, especially the capacity. In addition, considering the size of the screen, 125 Mb seems to be too large for a 90 min video. It is also laughable to see them calling an FM tuner "FM Radio digital french." Finally, we do not imagine that watching a film on a screen the size of a large postage stamp is comfortable. It's a step back from the Quicktime offered to us from the beginning.
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