News for Monday, 14 November 2005

Exclusive you said?

By Kalomir. Original by Lionel - 14/11/2005 17:24:25 CET - Category: CD Drives
A reader drew our attention to a page of the MCE reseller MCE who sell among other things burners that are compatible with Powerbooks.
There you may read they have burners that are able to burn DL with iDVD 5.01. This would be a good thing if they didn't add it was one of their exclusive functions.
This is not exclusive at all!
There are two available solutions to enable DL burning with iDVD 5.01:
- Own a DL burner bought with a recent machine, or buy a burner supported by Apple. For laptops and the Mac mini, the Pionner K05 is totally acknowledged as delivered/supported by 10.4.3. In that case, no need of a patch of any sort.
- Use the iDVD modification we made:
It will force iDVD to acknowledge and use a DL burner not supported by Apple.
If you buy an OEM burner for a laptop or a Mac mini just take care of on important thing.
The Mac mini requires a burner configured as "Slave", whereas recent Powerbooks and iBooks require a Master.
And there's no manual way to set it on such machines, as configuration is factory made in the firmware.

Bad November for Sony

By Kalomir. Original by Lionel - 14/11/2005 17:16:45 CET - Category: Internet
Sony, whose open public products sales are dropping, and that have been announcing waves of job cuts, took a big mediatic blow by the beginning of the montg. The reason is the latest anti-copy device they put on audio CDs.
It's Mark Russinovich who let the cat out of the bag and discovered Sony, to protect their music files, would install on their users' PCs a "Rootkit". That is a small software that will go and hide deep in the OS and manage to stay there, invisible. Well hidden there, this Rootkit will monitor the use made of protected songs and may prevent their illegal use.
This installation of some kind of a Trojan horse raised a huge claim in the computing world, as this Rootkit may potentially result in security leaks. F Secure descripted one, and explained its manual desinstallation can't be done. Things got even worse when anti-virus editors decided to register it as a malevolent software.
Other consequences ensued. Smart guys studied the system Sony created to hide it that well, and based on it managed to cheat when playing WoW !
Ever since, even if Sony officially proposed a patch that would wipe it, things didn't improve, as complaints were placed in many countries against this quite borderline behaviour.
And it's not over yet, as a real Trojan now takes advantage of this Rootkit to take remote control of infected machines.
Sony made a step too far in anti-copy protection devices, and it will be quite hard for them to get out of the quagmire it led them to.

Loading an iPod without a computer

By Kalomir. Original by Lionel - 14/11/2005 17:06:42 CET - Category: iPod - Source: PC Inpact
On the site, you will find this product:

According to their short description, the iLoad would allow a direct ripping of CDs to an iPod with no need of a computer.
Yet if you take a closer look to the editing company, it might be more a concept than a product, knowing that they're also working on a magnetic levitation train between Los Angeles and Las Vegas... [they'd better worry for a way to save Amtrack, if I may add]
If it's technically possible to make such a producct, we wonder how the songs titles and other infos would be added, without which navigation will be close to that of an iPod shuffle.

Lexus and iPod : how to use the iPod success-story to promote something else

By linathael. Original by Lionel - 14/11/2005 14:51:30 CET - Category: iPod
Thanks to Alexandre for this info
Seen this morning on the USA Lexus website,( ), in the presentation of the new IS model. When looking at the technology features, the capabilities of the car are described one after the other until the following photo is displayed :

1. Lexus is using the iPod success story; but has modified its visual aspect.
2. Even worth, they use the iPod-like image to promote a MP3/Windows Media Audio player...
3. If you go to the Apple webste to determine which car company is providing iPod-compatible system, Lexus is not listed : ( ), neither Toyota (Lexus being a Toyota's company).

Mac mini : a dedicated display by BenQ

By linathael. Original by Lionel - 14/11/2005 14:43:58 CET - Category: Apple - Source: Clubic
Apple is not proposing a dedicated display that will fit with the price and the design of the Mac mini.
BenQ thinks that there is a potential market for a TFT display "made for the Mac mini".

The support of this 19" display is designed to receive a Mac mini and will also deal with all the wires coming out from the little computer box.
There is a 3-years warranty, and it will cost around 400 Euros.
The chance to see it on the AppleStore is rather low...

DVR-110D : Another trick!!

By linathael. Original by Lionel - 14/11/2005 11:08:53 CET - Category: CD Drives
The DVR-110D is definitely an “easy to manipulate” drive, especially since DVRFlash 2.2 is supporting it.
After the region-free firmware, the Dangerous Brothers are proposing a version 1.22 including the Bitsetting function based on the DVR-110D firmware of drives sold by Buffalo.
The Bitsetting function allows you before the burning process to set your DVD+R or +RW as a DVD-ROM. As a consequence it will dramatically improve the chance that the burned disc will be recognized by standalone DVD players.
In addition, some users report to have successfully transformed their DVR-110D into DVR-110. It gives them the capacity to read and burn at 5x DVD-RAM. We will test this new report and let you know if it is stable enough to be tried.

another Media Center

By linathael. Original by Yoc - 14/11/2005 11:00:45 CET - Category: Video
If you think that FrontRow is too restrictive because not supported on older Mac models; that CenterStage is too complicated and bugged to be used; then you share the same point of view with the author of MediaCentral, a new MediaCenter able to play DVD, HD-stored movies in QT or DivX format, and even stream it to your TV if you have an Eye TV. In addition, this application supports natively the ATI remote control.
iTunes playlists support will probably be the next feature added to this new MediaCenter.

The design is quite similar to FrontRow, but it lacks the animation.
A project to follow...

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