News for Saturday, 23 April 2005

Tiger already delivered !

By Kalomir. Original by Lionel - 23/04/2005 13:33:04 CEST - Category: Mac OS X - Source: XLR8yourMac
It seems that in many places around the world Apple mistakingly delivered Tiger to some people a week in advance.
Some of them contacted Apple to let them know of this timing issue. The answer was quite what could be expected from an embarrassed Apple. To sum up, they were asked to send the box back and told they would get another. Apple also said they would not support those early bird versions, an obvious lack of elegance.
Many gross resellers and shops also received the boxes, but they're not supposed to sell them before April 29th.
To end up with it, as legally bought versions are now circulating, we shall lift our embargo on articles published by other sites and mentioning Tiger, its use and description.
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