News for Wednesday, 12 May 2004

Intelligent PlayFair

By Kalomir. Original by Lionel - 12/05/2004 21:04:58 CEST - Category: Sound - Source: XLR8yourMac
We'd devided not to talk about softwares that may crack the iTMS protection. Yet, the latest version if the "Hear Your Music Anywhere" software made us change our mind.
While cracking the protection the iTMS puts on songs, it will preserve inside the file all that's about the buyer's ID.
This is a quite intelligent way to do, as cracking files to listen to it on a platform that won't support encrypted AAC will be possible, while giving songs away would be pure suicide.
Others would notice that when a tune protection has been cracked, it is possible to reencode it in MP3. But this may also be done after burning an audio CD...

Demo of VPC 7

By linathael. Original by Lionel - 12/05/2004 20:52:16 CEST - Category: PC
Yesterday in front of resellers and Apple and Microsoft representatives, took place in France the first demo and presentation of Office 2004 and VPC7.
We have collected info concerning VP7.
It was not possible to use VP7, because it is still unstable, but hereafter are some details:
- VPC icon has been modified
- Better support and management of peripherals (especially for USB)
- It will be noticeably faster than the previous version
- It should support dual processor system as well as G5-based computers
And the best for the end...
VPC7 should manage and support natively graphic cards, and that's a huge improvement and particularly good news. In this way, we can expect to be able to play PC games on a Mac, it will probably require a quite fast processor and a good graphic card. For example, DirectX will not be emulated, but directly treated, as on a PC, by the graphic card!!!
Something that we were always missing, but expecting, in the previous VPC version...

DVD burner NEC 2500A is DL compatible!!

By linathael. Original by Lionel - 12/05/2004 19:57:08 CEST - Category: CD Drives
NEC 2500A is probably the cheapest full 8x +/-R DVD burner available on the market.
But some users have found additional interesting features to this burner. If you flash its firmware using the one from the NEC2510 model, then the 250A burner is able to burn DL DVD media!!
This story was originally starting from
You can download this firmware by clicking the link below:
Il est possible de télécharger le firmware en question à l'adresse suivante:
This file is also including a region-free version of this firmware.
Flashing the firmware can only be achieved using a PC under DOS.
CDR Info has performed a burning test on a DL media using a modified 2500A burner, everything worked fine, and the media could be played.
This is a good deal to have a DL compatible DVD burner for such a low price, knowing already that Toast 6 will be soon (in one month) able to manage DL DVD burner.
Warning: it is not clear if this tip will be working on all NEC2500. Some might be defect afterwards, that's a problem to have it replaced since firmware flashing voids the warranty...

DMCA to change?

By Kalomir. Original by Lionel - 12/05/2004 10:37:03 CEST - Category: Internet - Source: Clubic
The US DMCA, which arose so many comments, could be modified today. This bill's initiator, Rick Bouche, wishes that the private copy right is acknowledged. It would thus no more be forbidden to break the code protecting a DVD or an audio CD in order to copy it in a digital player.
At the same time, in Europe, people we shall not name, do their best so that this private right to copy gets discarded.

VPC 7 delayed

By kurisu. Original by Lionel - 12/05/2004 08:35:38 CEST - Category: PC - Source:
The Microsoft MBU (Macintosh Business Unit) announced that VPC 7 will be released during the second half of 2004, rather than at the end of this quarter, as previously scheduled. Developpers seems to have some issues finalizing the software.
Even if the number of software titles available for OS X has boomed, some people still need VPC to run specific, windows-only applications. This delay might slow their migration to the G5.

Revive your hard drive...

By kurisu. Original by BigManu - 12/05/2004 06:38:22 CEST - Category: Hard Drive
luminou2, one of our forum members, was unlucky enough to have his recently purchased hard drive die on him, making the typical "clunk clunk clunk" sound. Not having any luck reviving it with the various wizard batches (including the freezer tip), he had to use the heavy stuff with the brand new (and extremely trendy) electric shaver method. :-)
A picture of the HD in the freezer. Note the use of a freezer bag, to avoid humidity ruining everything. The pack of frozen bacon bits ("lardons fumés") is just here to add some flavor ;-)

After that, you place the reluctant hard drive on top of a vibrating electric shaver.

Luminou2 could then finally backup most of his data during the long 16 hours vibrating transfer session. Looks like the vibrations helped giving the drive a good head, erm I mean ...spin. ;-)
[note from kurisu] No words on if this trick works with other vibrating ...devices :D

LCDs: gimme more, more, mooooore!

By Moose. Original by Lionel - 12/05/2004 06:25:14 CEST - Category: Video - Source: Digitimes

Demand for LCD screens keeps rising fast, while CRT are becoming obsolete. Actually, it's increrasing so fast that even the huge investments in new factories can't satisfy it... Analysts estimate that the balance between demand and offer won't be reached before 2008.
Conclusion: don't expect prices to really drop before at least 4 years. The current price decrease is largely due to the lower prices of a number of components used in manufacturing LCD screens.

Lotus Workplace on Mac

By kurisu. Original by Lionel - 12/05/2004 06:14:31 CEST - Category: Software

Source : (in French)

Thank you Frédéric for the info
A very healthy IBM has decided to venture in the office suite territory. Lotus Workplace runs off an enterprise class server, and clients can access and use it via a Java-based browser.
The software suite not only runs on Windows, but on Unix flavors as well. IBM will release a Mac OS X version later this year.

The Geforce 6800 is an electricity sucker

By kurisu. Original by Lionel - 12/05/2004 06:10:18 CEST - Category: Video

Source : (in French)

During the introduction of the Geforce 6800, we noticed that this board needed not one, but two (2) Molex connections (which are what hard drives typically use for the power connection).
The reason is quite simple : this sucker fests on electricity. Nvidia first recommended to have a 480W PSU to make in run safely. After a less than lukewarm welcome of this "feature", Nvidia noted that a good non-overclocked system equipped with a 350W PSU would suffice.
In any case, if Apple hasn't decided to go with either ATI or Nvidia, we would prefer if they chose the first.
The X800 are better performers, draw much less power, hence are likely to be more quiet and easier to cool than a Geforce 6800.

Toast compatible with DL burners

By Kalomir. Original by Lionel - 12/05/2004 00:22:45 CEST - Category: CD Drives
Roxio announced in a communiqué that their Mac software, Toast 6 and Jam, will soon support burning on dual layer medias.
This is an excellent news, as even if Apple decides to wait for Pioneer to mass produce DL burners, MacUsers won't suffer of the lack of products or be penalized.
It is even possible that this announcement will force Apple to do include DL burners in their machines very quickly.

iPod and music players tax

By Kalomir. Original by Lionel - 12/05/2004 00:09:38 CEST - Category: Apple
Perhaps will this taste like rumour, but without more accurate details, different sources seemed to confirm it.
After negociations, Apple accepted to pay the compulsory tax on digital medias (that includes the iPod)
This tax is of 15 € on 15 and 20 Go iPods and 20€ on 40 Go.
This shouldn't be incidental on public prices (that is, most of that tax shouldn't be), but will be covered by Apple's margin.
Those are thus quite good news indeed.

Virgin online Music Store in a week

By Kalomir. Original by Lionel - 12/05/2004 00:06:07 CEST - Category: Internet
Virgin are to open their online music store on May 18th, besting every strong actors of that market, including Apple.
Their site will offer 300,000 songs pricing from 0.99 to 1.1 Euros.
According to the informations we could get, the format would be protected WMA.
Since we have no iTMS in France, this can only result in a prejudice to the iPod sales, as this file format isn't supported by Apple's player.
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