News for Wednesday, 14 April 2004

Apple continues to increase its presence in French TV channels

By linathael. Original by Lionel - 14/04/2004 18:26:31 CEST - Category: Apple
Thanks to Frédéric for the info
After France 2 that acquired Final Cut Pro editing station (see here), it is now the turn of "Quai sud" company, a subsidiary of TF1 (the biggest TV channel in France), to acquire G5-based Final Cut Pro video editing work stations to replace their current AVID stations. Those work station are working in an uncompressed SDI environment, and are equipped with AJA I/O boxes (video pro users will know what we mean...). Avid seems to face a serious competition here....

New script for detecting Apple Refurb

By linathael. Original by schlum - 14/04/2004 18:18:42 CEST - Category: Internet
The previous script proposed in this news was not working properly...sorry...
hereafter is a new script which should be working fine : new installer.
the script is installed as previously in /usr/local/bin (you will need administration rights)
then you will have to create a crontab via the terminal as follow :
crontab -e
for example if you wish to have a scanning for refurb page every 5 minutes, it should look like that :
*/5 * * * * /usr/local/bin/

Nothing Comes Out Of Thin Air...

By kurisu. Original by Lionel - 14/04/2004 09:27:57 CEST - Category: Apple
For the very first time since the Apple Store exists, the European version hasn't been updated according to the original US site. The eMacs sold through the Store of the Old Continent are still the "old" revisions.
However, we have proof that the new configurations are presently ready in Europe; the usual resellers and distributors will have them in stock shortly, available for sale.
Then why would the Apple Store not take part in this ?
We can only see one reason to that. It's a little break given to the resellers by Apple, in compensation to the damage that the Store can do to conventional distribution channels.
However nice this gesture is, there IS a catch : profit margins on eMacs are extremely low. There might be another reason, though maybe we just can't figure it out.
[update] It is also impossible to order a new eMac by calling the Apple Store ! incredible!

Apple Center in Singapore

By kurisu. Original by Lionel - 14/04/2004 06:57:58 CEST - Category: Apple
One of our correspondants just sent us these pictures of the Apple Center in Orchard Road, Singapore :

Peak hours but nothing to sell... tough break...

USB Server

By kurisu. Original by Lionel - 14/04/2004 06:56:05 CEST - Category: Network
Ever had a dream about sharing your USB printer on an ethernet network ?
Keyspan did it (thanks phivos for the info).

This box allows you to share USB peripherals on a LAN. It features both OS X (>10.2.8) and Windows XP compatibility. It handles static IPs, DHCP and Rendezvous. It will be available in a few days for US$129.99

MacAudio on the move !

By kurisu. Original by Lionel - 14/04/2004 06:52:24 CEST - Category: Internet

MacAudio had a spring cleaning session.
MacAudio, the premier site about Mac and audio, just got completely revamped : new interface, new forums and new URL :

silence comes at a premium

By kurisu. Original by Lionel - 14/04/2004 06:50:28 CEST - Category: PC - Source: PC Inpact
What can you do when your state of the art PC with a CPU that-could-fry-chicken-wings-faster-than-going-to-KFC needs to be silenced ? Well, search no more. Introducing Resator (this is not a joke)

This is a watercooling kit featuring an active heatsink. This heatsink includes a silent pump that can suck 300 liters of water per hour. This baby weighs a healthy 6.5kgs and is 60cm tall.
You know, if you hide the PC next to it, you could say it's a prop that you got from the Enterprise E...

If only Apple could keep their promises...

By kurisu. Original by Lionel - 14/04/2004 06:44:16 CEST - Category: PC
Intel struggles to produce high-end chips successfully running at 3.4GHz. The situation is so tensed, that Dell has simply withdrawn all configurations running at this frequency. This dry spell could actually be due to a real problem in the manufacturing process.
It's really a first in Intel's history to not be able to push further the frequency of its CPU. This goes along the lines of one of our earlier newsbit in late January. If Apple and IBM manage to deliver up-to-date G5 systems, (without the need to go into a "mine is bigger than yours" war) the recent delays in terms of "speed" might well be overcome sooner rather than later.

Multichannel Wi-Fi

By kurisu. Original by Lionel - 14/04/2004 06:34:37 CEST - Category: Network

Source : Branchez-vous (in French)

A company called Engim decided to squeeze as much as possible from 802.11. To that end, they made it possible to use simultaneously channels 1, 6 and 11 for data transmission. Those channels were selected because they don't interfere with each other. Engim optimistically hopes to boost throughoutput by a factor of 50 ! Knowing that they are backed up by the MIT, Motorola and TI, they might very well succeed.
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