News for Monday, 1 December 2003

Another way to use iTunes with an unsupported drive

By Kalomir. Original by Lionel - 01/12/2003 22:26:17 CET - Category: MacBidouille
We have worked on another way to get iTunes to use a burner drive that is not recognized by Panther. This new method has the advantage to be more elegant, from a bidouilleur's point of view.
This time we went and modified the DiscRecordingEngine library from the system. Beware! It is more complex and also more dangerous. Only use it you have a security system to boot from in case of problem.
1) Download MBDiscRecordingEngine.sit You should get, after decompressing it, a file named "DiscRecordingEngine".
2) Log in as root (under Panther, when you activated root, don't forget to go and check in the accounts prefpane, in Login Options, that you have "Display Login Window as name and password")
3) Use search to find the original "DiscRecordingEngine" original (it is there : System/Library/Frameworks/DiscRecording.framework/Versions/A/Frameworks/DiscREcordingEngine.framework/Versions/A/)
4) Rename it to have a back-up. And move the one you downloaded into the folder.
5) Log back in to activate the modified library
The first and hardest part is over.
[Translator's note:]
for the terminal users, or those who are reluctant -with reason- to activate and login with root account -good boys-, do as follow:
in terminal, type:
cd /System/Library/Frameworks/DiscRecording.framework/Versions/A/Frameworks/DiscREcordingEngine.framework/Versions/A/
sudo mv DiscRecordingEngine DiscRecordingEngine.backup
You will be asked for your admin password.
then do
sudo cp [_path to where the downloaded DiscRecordingEngine file is_]/DiscRecordingEngine DiscRecordingEngine
Log out and back in as yourself.
Set to go, do as follow!...
[end of terminal fanatic's part]
Then, create in the Library folder, the one at the root level of the your disc, a "DiscRecording" folder in this folder, create another folder called "DeviceProfiles".

Then with TextEdit, create a file containing the following texte:

Here, the file is created to support the DVD 811S from Lite-On.
To find out how to substitute the seller name and product name, in the terminal use the command:
drutil info
Copy exactly the manufacturer name and of the device. The field linked to DRDeviceDescription can be filled on with whatever, or the official specs, as you want.
Save the file under the name "_name_.drprofile", with no other extension, and not .txt , most of it.
Here is an example of file to download, so you don't have to retype it again.
In this bidouille, creating the file is absolutely required, and part of its elegance!
The system will think that the unsupported burner is sold by Apple.
Hence iTunes would see a DVD drive as such, and not as a CD drive.
Beware, iDVD will always refuse to burn on an external drive.
As usual, please note that macbidouille cannot be held responsible for any damages (especially when you log in as root!), whether these are material, software or physical (in case someone hits their display out of despair :)

G5 Firmware update to come ?

By Kalomir. Original by Lionel - 01/12/2003 14:33:34 CET - Category: G5
According to Think Secret, Apple shall soon release a Firmware update for their G5s.
This would fix a security issue in the Open Firmware and would increase performances on the PCI-X machines (ie all except the 1.6 GHz).
It would be due to come in a very short time, as it was first expected for November.
We've been expecting it too, as the G5s firmware has been updated on a regular basis ever since this machine came to be sold. It would be plain normal if Apple would propose a single, united Firmware version for all the G5 units.

En of Apple/Motorola partnership?

By Kalomir. Original by Lionel - 01/12/2003 14:30:06 CET - Category: Apple
According to Apple Insiders, Motorola just doesn't manage to produce 7457 CPUs in commercial quantities, thus inflicting blows to Apple's delivery schedules.
In order to compensate this shortage, IBM will do their best to produce their G3+Altivec CPUs.
The first declination, the 750VX CPU, would land in the iBooks. Another version, the750 VXe is also on its way [or "en route"]. The 2GHz CPUs are expected for 2005.
Those infos on Motorola's failure to deliver corroborate hose given by site that used to publish rumors at a time. On Septembre 7th, 2003, we'd told you they were facing difficulties to produce the 7457.
If the rumors turn out to be true, one could imagine Apple will do their best to produce a G5 based Powerbook, even if they have to make a transition machine in the meantime.
Anyway it is time they'd cease to depend upon a partner that's unable to have their line evolve in a constant and reliable way.

End of France Telecom compulsory subscription ?

By Kalomir. Original by Lionel - 01/12/2003 14:23:48 CET - Category: Internet - Source: Présence PC
The French Sénat has pressed the ART (Autorité de Régulation des Télécoms [a self explanatory name indeed]) to accept the end of the monopoly on the phone subscription that had been reserved to France Telecom ever since the public operator's monopoly had been put to an end (in 1993).
[Perhaps you won't get if you're not used to the way the transition between the public monopoly and the open market competition has been handled in France : for the last ten years, FT was stil responsible of the maintenance and modernizing of the phone installations infrastructure, thus receiving a subscription fee whether you'd use their services to call or not. You should also know by the way, that FT via their dedicated company, Wanadoo, still are the main actor (fair majority share of the market) of the broadband Internet in France - over 60% - though still fairly expensive compared to their competitors.]
As for the phone calls we'll now get a unique bill, the private calling operator being entitled to refund FT for the subscription of the line.
[I shall tell you more once I'm myself able to know if things will really change or are still just in the process of changing, etc.]

iPhoto is getting old !

By linathael. Original by Lionel - 01/12/2003 11:16:23 CET - Category: Software
An 8$ shareware makes iPhoto seem old.
Just as the latter, Photo Presenter lets you visualize pictures in a library.
But it does the job faster than iPhoto, even with a G5.

As this software cannot be used to import the pictures directly, burn them or modify them, it will not replace iPhoto completely. But it seems clear that we'll use it to find a picture in the library.
Photographers reluctant to use Apple's software because of it's lagging will find a good substitute.
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