Changing a disk in the Time Capsule

par Lionel - 10/03/2008
How to gain Storage Space - A step-by-step procedure

Starting up and testing

Wanting to keep things simple, we had not formatted the disk at the beginning, we just took it out of its packaging and put it in place. This did not give the Time Capsule any problem since it recognised it and formatted it at start up.

After reassembly , we could immediately use the disk without problem. However, due to our conscience nagging us, we did perform a reformat, but certainly completely unneeded. We were looking forward to a big reduction with the vibrations and the general noise level; we were not disappointed. Compared to the Seagate, the Western Digital is almost inaudible and there are no signs of parasitic vibrations.
In the end, we have done a good job on several levels:
- This disk is much more silent than the original 500 GB Seagate disk and certainly than the 1 TB that comes from Hitachi.
- It cost from our partner Macway 199 Euros TTC, which is just the difference in price between the Time Capsule models 500 GB/1 TB from Apple.
- We now have a 500 GB disk that we could use in another machine.

We have done a quick test of write speeds with the Time Capsule:
-Using Wi-Fi, it is nothing to write home about, and is equivalent to the Airport N base station, i.e. less than 6 MB/s.
-Using an Ethernet connection we get to 20 MB/s that is quite respectable.
We advise to connect with Ethernet for the first backup made with Time Machine so that hours of back up time will not turn into days.

Edited and translated by: crispin


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