Changing a disk in the Time Capsule

par Lionel - 10/03/2008
How to gain Storage Space - A step-by-step procedure


When we ordered a Time Capsule, we chose the 500 GB model, since this was sufficient and also less expensive than the 1 TB. However we had in mind that as the price of large disks came down, we would one day change the disk for a larger one.

Like all the Apple products, the unpacking is a real pleasure, the packaging is a treat for the eyes.

However, we had a disagreeable surprise once the power was connected to the device and the disk had spun up. The Time Capsule started to vibrate; this was especially obvious since the table on which it sat picked up these vibrations. The Time Capsule was audible (in a silent background) at a distance of 3 m. The device was to be installed in a calm area so we decided to change the disk to see if this would improve the situation.

The original 500 GB disk was a Seagate SATA. We decided on the Western Digital 1 TB Green Power as a replacement.

This choice of disk was not done by chance. This particular disk varies the rotation speed depending on demand. In the Time Capsule, it will never have very large data flow and will therefore essentially run at low speed. This will reduce any chance of vibrations and have a lower power usage and thus less heat to dissipate.

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