Upgrading the CPU of a Mac mini

par Lionel - 07/02/2007
A step-by-step procedure

The Mac mini, as well as the iMac and the Mac Pro, is powered by an exchangeable CPU (socket). During the Apple Expo 2006, we recorded a video showing how to upgrade a Mac mini (CPU, RAM modules and HD): Perhaps because the video is in French, many readers requested an article providing a more step-by-step procedure with closer views and photos.

Material required:
- Mac mini
- as small crossed screwdriver
- a Cybertool swiss army knife or any multi-features tool kit
- Thermal past. Silicon or silver based thermal paste can be used. The silver one is the best but the most expensive.

Last but not least, we are not responsible for any damages or issues that may arise while you try to repeat the procedure described in the next pages.

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