How to install a 160GB HD in a MacBook Pro

par Lionel - 21/09/2006
160GB Hitachi 5400rpm: when slower rotation speed means higher performance

Always looking for the best for our Macs, when ordering a MacBook Pro, we have chosen the 100GB 7200rpm HD as BTO. If one can consider such storage capacity as huge, the MB Pro is often used as a mobile video editing station, in this case 100GB can quickly become too small.
In addition, this 7200rpm HD, a Seagate Momentus, was not providing the performance level we could have expected. Indeed, the speed was not the one we have experienced with other 7200rpm HD, and in addition the Seagate Momentus was vibrating quite a lot.
So, for all those reasons, we decided to replace the Seagate Momentus by a 160GB Hitachi TravelStar. Its rotation speed tops at 5400rpm so we should not have vibrating issues as we were facing with the Momentus for the first time in our records.

First step, clone your HD to an external FireWire HD.

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