MacBook: a quick review

par Gotchi - 24/05/2006
Comparing the MacBook with other Apple notebooks
1 - Introduction
I was impatiently waiting for the MacBook release in order to be able to replace my currently display-less iBook. Thanks to Bemac, a shop in Mulhouse (France), I was able to test it for a couple of hours. My current iBook is of course "white", and I was planning to buy a white MacBook model until I saw the "black model"... it is a pity that Apple ships the black model with "white" peripherals (adaptor, power supply, etc...)
The other negative points are related to the MiniDVI-DVI and MiniDVI-VGA adaptors that are not supplied with the MacBook which become quickly required to get the maximum from the MacBook. As shown below, Apple has modified DVI plug in order to make it impossible to use both adaptors together, so it is impossible to use an MiniDVI-DVI adaptor with a standard DVI-VGA adaptor; one has to buy both MiniDVI adaptors.

The photo clearly shows the difference between the DVI port from a PowerBook and the one from a MiniDVI-DVI adaptor.
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