Test of the New 200 GB OWC Mercury Extreme SSD

par Gui92 - 04/03/2010
First Synthetic text of the 200 GB OWC Mercury Extreme SSD based on SandForce Controller

The company OWC, well known for its Mac-dedicated products, was faster than OCZ and its Vertex LE, as it already started to distribute its new "Mercury Extreme Enterprise" SSD models. Offering 50, 100 and 200 GB of storage space, those SSD are based on a hydrid SandForce controller sitting between the consumer electronic model SandForce 1200 and the Pro version SandForce 1500. One point to keep in mind about those new SSD models based on this SandForce controller is their firmware, currently a RC1 (let's say a beta version), so we would recommend to backup you data daily till there is a fully validated and reliable firmware released. The RC1 might be the gold version, but it is not certified yet as such.

We have been testing the 200 GB version and hereafter are the figures of the synthetic benchmarks we ran.



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