Test of VGAtor

par Lionel - 22/07/2004
We have tested the analog-digital converter from Dr. Bott
Dr. Bott has recently started shipping VGAtor This is a analog-digital converter that allows the connection of an ADC screen to a VGA connector. This product is compatible with all PowerBooks with a VGA connector. However compatibility is not full for all products as VGAtor was built for 100% compatibility with the 12" PowerBook G4.
VGAtor is also compatible with certain PC notebooks, provided they support Dual Display mode. It also should work with desktop computers with VGA ports but without guarantee.
Some machines like the iMac G4 and the eMac work in their native resolution on an external display, mirroring the internal display except if you patch their firmware to support Dual Display. We have discussed the procedure in the past. You should always inform yourself well before applying the patch as it can create a headache on an incompatible machine! More information is available on one of the available patches here: To know more about the supported displays and machines please check the official VGAtor site.
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